ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 239.1 & 239.2


Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue that was causing weapons with custom ammo to lose their Ammo when moved into a Dino Inventory. Requires Server Update!
  • Fixed ‘active’ sound effect on Chemistry Table
  • Removed Cannon & Cannon Ball Engram from Primitive Servers. Isn’t really appropriate for gunpowderless worlds.


Requires Server Update!



  • Reduced Cannon Ball Damage by 15% generally, and 25% with respect to Metal Structures, and 40% with respect to Metal Turrets. Added a small amount of Obsidian as a crafting requirement for cannon balls.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue with loaded Chem Tables crafting costs being too cheap
  • Fixed Quetz Armor Building Exploit
  • Fixed Dire Bear Auto-Eating Narcoberries

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