ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 236.3


  • Made the Localized language correspond to the Language Setting for ARK in your Steam Client, with the following supported languages (Thank you so much, volunteer ARK translators, you’re the best!!!!).Note: if you want to use a non-English language now, you must set it in the “Languages” tab of the Game Properties within your Steam Client, as the game does NOT automatically select your Steam Client language if it is already installed. You will only have to do this manually once, and it is automatically chosen for new ARK installations.

    English: en
    German: de
    French: fr
    Italian: it
    Spanish: es
    Simplified Chinese: zh
    Traditional Chinese: zh-TW
    Russian: ru
    Thai (NEW!): th
    Japanese (WIP): ja
    Polish (NEW!): pl
    Danish (NEW!): da
    Dutch (NEW!): nl
    Swedish (NEW!): sv
    Hungarian (NEW!): hu
    Czech (NEW!): cs
    Turkish (NEW!): tr
    Brazilian Portugese: pt_BR

    You can also directly override the language by using the following startup commandline (for dedicated servers, etc, where ‘en’ is one of the language codes listed above):


  • Updated the ShooterGame.manifest with the latest exported strings for the new game content (Beaver stuff, etc)
  • Improved rendering performance by about 5%, and reduced stream hitching
  • Added further support for fast International server pipeline
  • Improved the server BattlEye implementation to support auto-updating the BattlEye libraries.

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  1. I’m playing ark on Xbox one, and made a mistake, I have a level 46 T-Rex, and I made a tribe and decided to leave it problem was he’s now part of that tribe and the unclaim meter is a days I would mind if it kept going down while my Xbox was off but I can’t have my Xbox on for that long is there anyway to speed it up

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