XBOX ONE ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 731.0


  • SPLIT-SCREEN MULTIPLAYER for both Online and Local Play!!
  • Non-Dedicated Multiplayer tether range increased +33%, Maximum number of players in non-dedicated sessions increased to 8!
  • All of the PC’s Server options are now exposed to Hosting/Local Sessions (even options that were previously hidden in INI’s), and all options have direct-input textboxes for using any arbritrary value. Including whether to allow Tribute Downloads ;)

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed cursor erroneously resetting to “Favorites” button after attempting to join a server
  • Fixed a memory leak that would eventually crash the client over time
  • Fixed log-out when plugging in Play-&-Charge Kit
  • Fixed crashes when entering long text into Notes
  • Fixed inability to connect/reconnect sometimes after losing connection (‘stuck at PrimalGameData loading screen’)
  • Fixed duplicating dinos in singleplayer
  • Fixed losing Tribe Data
  • Fixed Host Settings not saving
  • Fixed multi-colored Dimorphodon ;)
  • Rendering Framerate improvements (~20%)
  • Improved range & performance of ‘Ground Clutter’ effect

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10 thoughts on “XBOX ONE ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 731.0”

  1. It won’t even let me open the game, I choose a server hit join it says joining session then I get like 3 different error messages and all my friends say the same is happening to them…help!

  2. Great job making the game unplayable now.. Who would’ve thought someone would spend 40 dollars on a game that you can’t even play, So disappointed right now

  3. Finally FINALLY found a way around one thing that prevented me from joining servers and imeddiateky after this update comes out and screws me over yet again. I also get three error messages every time I try to join a server and literally cannot get in. Thanks. Should have left things the way they were.

  4. For the Xbox I don’t know how to use console comands for spawning dinos and the duplication glitch was nice. Why get rid of it? Why can’t there be a manual duplication so we can mess around and so it won’t effect dedicated servers.

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