ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 233.0 & 233.1



  • New Dino: Gallimimus with 3-Seater Passenger Saddle
  • New Weapon: Electric Prod stunner weapon
  • New Armor: SWAT-style Assault Armor tier
  • New Structures: Greenhouse/Glass tileset with plant-growing benefits
  • Initial Deep-Sea Loot Crates
  • Added new special nametags and custom hat skins for: Wildcard Admin Team, Wildcard Non-Admin Team, Authorized External Testers, and Dev Kit Masters. Get yours by joining the crew!


  • Metal Armor is now crafted at the Workbench, not the Fabricator. It will also be made available on Primitive Servers shortly.

Fixes &Improvements

  • Improved savegame save-and-load times


  • Re-added the Beer Barrell and Industrial Cooking Pot Structures. Requires server and client update! Any servers that were launched with v233.0 will need to have these structures rebuilt!


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