ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 224.2


  • You can no longer place wall-structures on doors
  • You can now place wall-items (torches etc) on pillars
  • Fixed offset of Compy egg spawns
  • Fixed lockup when reloading savegame while crafting recipes (we recommend servers update to 224.2!)
  • Recipes:
    • Fixed some ingredient scale values, and made all ingredients 5x as effective globally, and made Crafting Speed skill 2x more effective for recipe quality (yeah, Crafting Speed skill directly effects Recipe stats!). Will expose recipe ingredient effect scale and recipe crafting skill scale as Server configurable values in next Major version (requires networking change).
    • Made Crafting Skill visible on the Recipe’s Tooltip for comparison (this is Crafting Skill at the time of recipe creation 😉.

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