ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 219.2 & 219.3


  • Fixed server physx performance bug. Major server CPU gains, recommend immediate install on all servers.



  • Baby Dino Food consumption rate decreased by 60% and Baby maturation speed doubled (thus an effective 80% overall Food reduction to mature)


  • Fixed issue with Knocked-Out state after fast travel (thank you Steam user “Itsr2ghgaming”!!!)
  • Unconscious or ridden or encumbered dinos can no longer mate
  • Baby” phase specifically (<10% matured) will no longer consume food from Feeding Troughs, only their own Inventories
  • Fertilized Eggs will no longer fall thru floors when re-entering an area etc
  • Fixed issue with camera getting stuck in 3rd person when your chair/bench is destroyed while sitting on it
  • Fixed a case where Babies could lay Eggs
  • Fixed frozen/glitched dino animations in various Mods/TC’s

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