ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 217


  • Hornless female Megaloceros added
  • Inventory Quality of Life: You can now sort inventory lists by many factors, and also text-search them dynamically.
  • Craftable Consumable Bug Repellent. Yes!
  • Poison Gas Grenade *cough cough cough*
  • Primitive Club (great for conking people on the head and knocking them out, regardless of armor)
  • Trophy System (including the SotF Trophies!!!)
  • New Option (default true) to automatically open Engram Window after applying all available Level Ups
  • Inventory Slot counter
  • Server Valve Anti Cheat (VAC) enabled! Auto Banhammmmerrr Go!


  • Overstocked Snow Metal Rocks now yield Metal Ore at the same approximate rate as “Rich Mountain” Metal Rocks
  • You can now double-click an Engram to Learn It
  • Jerky crafting time reduced by 33%
  • Furniture and Gravestones are now dye-able


  • Various bug fixes TDB
  • Foliage fillrate performance optimization
  • About +25%-30% server CPU performance gain due to Spatial Octree optimization
  • Radios no longer take over Tribe Chat. Tribe Chat always functions as normal on its own “Channel”.
  • Fixed aquatic creatures following targets across water zones
  • Fixed pop-in of underwater rock/canyon meshes
  • Fixed snow-cave blockage, and ice mini cave o’ doom killin’ dinos/teleportin

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