ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 216



  • Whitelisted Admins are now allowed to join full games and they also don’t count towards the player limit
  • Human and Dino Level Caps Raised +5 each


  • Fixed Dino unboarding offset
  • Fixed a case where you could push your character through structures
  • Fixed a ladder issue
  • Fixed issue with Turrets mounted on Rafts/Dinos not being able to hit targets reliably when shooting down
  • Fixed some Admin Manager SteamID’s display on Mac
  • Fixed SotF crash
  • Fixed double hud overlays when in spectator mode and showing long-range HUDs and near HUDs
  • Fixed issue with client & server steep slope climbing desynchronization when riding a Tamed Dino
  • Fixed issue where dinos wouldn’t follow an ally target a moving platform structure
  • Fixed IK issue where dinos legs could latch onto surfaces above them
  • Fixed issue where Total Conversion custom Maps weren’t listed in the Host Session UI

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