ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 211 & 212 & 212.1


  • Added a [ServerSettings] server option “?PerPlatformMaxStructuresMultiplier=1.0” that can be used to increase the limit of structures on dynamic platforms. Beware, increasing this value could affect server performance!


  • Structures placed on dynamic platforms (Saddle/Raft) no longer have a “Max Height Above World” limit (i.e. allows building on Rafts over deep sea).
  • Switching to direct UDP socket connections rather than Steam P2P for significantly increased server network performance and stability!
  • Page-Scrolled Chatbox will now stay scrolled even if new chat messages arrive


  • Fixed issue with Flyers potentially disappearing/sinking into water
  • Fixed various Raft exploits…
  • Fixed shouldered Monkey scaling issue
  • Fixed swimmers/flyers taking damage when the server gets stalled (during a save, etc)
  • Fixed issue where Flyers couldn’tdrop someone or attack after carrying them
  • Fixed ragdolls possibly falling thru the floor when players die by hitting the ground from a large height
  • Fixed Dino Inverse Kinematics getting bonkerswonky at low Server FPS
  • Fixed the last (hopefully!) issue that could make Shouldered Monkeys disappear


Patch 212

  • Changed network protocol back to “SteamP2P”, which includes automatic port forwarding, until we introduce an option for servers to dynamically optionally use straight UDP protocol (increased network performance).


Note: Server Admins can change the maximum number of platformed-creatures/rafts allowed on the ARK (a potential performance cost) via this commandline option: “MaxPlatformSaddleStructureLimit=Number” (or in [ServerSettings] of their GameUserSettings.ini)

  •  Fixed -SM4/Extreme Low Memory Mode crashes with Plant Species X / Raft.

Here and here are the previous Patchnotes (210 & 210.1-210.3)

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