ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 206

These are the first known updates for Patch 206. As always: this post will be updated whenever something new is added.


  • Server PvP Auto Demolish options and PvE Auto Dino Unclaim optionsGameUserSettings.ini [ServerSettings]
    PvEDinoDecayPeriodMultiplier=1.0(or the commandline ?PvPStructureDecay=true, etc)
  • Option for unofficial Servers to have all admin commands logged to chat, to help Admin trustworthiness. Clients can see whether the servers have this setting enabled in the Pause menu.?AdminLogging=true
  • New “Low Quality VFX” option makes rain and underwater cheaper. Will link up more effects in the future.
  • Dev Kit: Added capability for Total Conversions to use inherited PrimalGameData to stay in sync with live game.
  • Dev Kit: ALL editable variables are now automatically read/write exposed to Blueprint. Unlimited Power!!!!


  • Extinction of the “Extinction Event” Servers
  • Session List now filters out Workshop mod games that are on incompatible Workshop mod version


  • Eliminated repeated “Installing Mod…” blips when at the main menu
  • Fixed some incorrect structure damage type settings on metal/stone roofs/slopes
  • Fixed a case where you could get insta-killed when dismounting from your creature such as the Gigantopithecus
  • Significantly reduced Dino system memory overhead — but the further fix of 50% memory reductions will come in subsequent update.

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