ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 193.0 – Patchnotes

New Elements

  • New Items: Small and Large Bear Traps, for locking players and dinos in their tracks!
  • New Structure: Stone Behemoth Gate
  • New rare “Alpha” T-Rex can be found that is bigger and meaner than the regular T-Rex with distinct color schema, gives a unique cosmetic (and a ton of XP and resources) if you defeat it. It also buffs the resistance and damage of nearby carnis around it due to its Alpha-pack dominating status. You can’t tame it… yet… but we’d like feedback on whether the community would be interested in more of this direction.

Gameplay changes


  • Tamed Dinos now lay Eggs over time without having to leave them alone i.e. they now do it in real-time and you can watch them… o_O
  • Dealt with the Trilobites’ resources: they now clamp resource harvest amounts (no overdamage.. we need to ween off that , they only yield pearls and oil rarely, and they are significantly less common in the shallows.
  • More dino blood overlays, & option to disable Dino blood overlays
  • Stone harvesting settings are back at +75%. An underlying change with the harvesting system had inadvertently affected them, thanks for the reports



  • You can no longer damage Tamed dinos thru Walls/Structures (prevents cheaping out people’s dinos from outside their bases)
  • Fixed bug where clients sometimes couldn’t see the equipped items/saddles on characters
  • Aquatic dinos swimming against water surface is now perfectly smooth, doesn’t result in a hard-stop of your character anymore.
  • Added the rest of the Dino Damage overlays
  • Canteens are no longer consumed when making soups

Server changes

  • Misc Spectator mode improvements (alphabetical player list, no longer considered “idle” for kicking, fixed sometimes getting into spectator mode when not desired, etc)
  • New Tribe Governance Option for Structures: Tribe Owned, Admin-Only Demolish
  • You can now properly enter spectator mode after dying without getting stuck at a black screen
  • Fixed various server crashes
  • Dedicated servers can now optionally load custom maps via ModID diectly , rather than having to specify the map name directly, using this syntax:
    • ShooterGameServer.exe -MapModID=485317707?GameModIds=487516323,487516324, 487516325



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