ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 190 – Patchnotes

Gameplay Changes

  • +75% stone harvesting from stone sources
  • Compound Bow & Armor-Piercing Metal Arrows
  • Finally bonus items on respawn
  • Redone painting UI to allow switching colors and re-dying brushes from directly within the painting UI
  • Added Dino Hurt-Damage Blood overlay (various dinos get bloodier as they take more damage to help visually indicate their health)
  • Tribes now have a governance option as to whether only Admins can unclaim Tribe Dinos

Server Changes

  • Mac & Linux Controller Support: for your Steam Controllers! What’s that you say? You don’t have a Steam Controller yet?! Oh ok, it’ll also work with regular controllers
  • Increase to 4.0 Difficulty on Official Server Network (and increase of difficulty cap to 4.0)
  • Fixed Dinos (Scorp, Anky, etc) getting stuck on Server when swimming and attacking (rubber banding)
  • Fixed some minor exploits
  • Eliminated a method-exploit you could use to push your buddy thru walls
  • Tribe name uniqueness on a server is now enforced (going forwards)

Mod Changes

  • Better mod features to add engrams to structures and remap items
  • Stackable Mod support! (works with all existing mods too! and you can use Mods on custom maps now


Updated: 29. July

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