Dino Dossier: Titanoboa

Common Name: Titanoboa
Species: Titanoboa exornantur
Time: Paleocene
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Aggressive
Tameable: No
Rideable: No
Command: admincheat summon BoaFrill_Character_BP_C
  • Wild: Found only in the dark caves of the island, Titanoboa exornantur is an aggressive creature that prefers cold dark rocky areas. This extremely large snake, while being a member of the Totanoboa genus, does not constrict its prey as most boas do. This adaption may come from coexisting with giant insects.
  • Domesticated: As they appear immune to knockout poisons, Titanoboa exornantur is basically impossible to render unconscious. Because this crucial step can't be done, taming this can be a challenge!
  • Known Information: Being immune to knockout poisons, and being unable to pierce the thick chitin of the insects, the species have learned to coexist. They often even hunt large prey together. Titanoboa has developed a strange coexistence with the other creatures of the island's caves.


  • Raw Meat

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