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How to get Babies from Mammals in ARK

When you breed mammals in ARK they won´t produce any eggs – the mammal female will get pregnant. The steps to get pregnant are the same mating process as in Egg Layers (the full tutorial for Egg Layers can be found here).  (Pictures will be added as soon as we can get them :)) 1.Step […]

How to get Babies in ARK – Eggs

With Patch 219 it is possible to breed Dinos to get little Babies – now you can get descendants from your best and most beautiful creatures 🙂 How this works we´ll discuss step by step and why you should do this can be found in another article (“Instructions for perfect breeding & basic informations on […]

ARKPaint Converter Update and Warpaint Tutorial

We’ve updated the ARKPaint Converter (Link here). From now on, you can select which colors the converter will use. That means you won’t have to spend any more time crafting miniscule amounts of each color that in the end aren’t noticeable anyways. Additionally you can now use it to modify the warpaint of various items. […]

Official ARK Server Manager 0.1 Released -Windows only (Mirror)

Official Steam Announcement: Link The ARK Server Manager mentioned in Patchnote 200 (Link) has been released just a few minutes ago. We’ve created a direct mirror for it, because the official download is only available from, which is blocked in many countries. We’re not the responsible for this file. Download at your own risk. […]

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