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Pokemon Evolved – ARK: Survival Evolved Total Conversion Mod

You love ARK and Pokemon? Then this Total Conversion Mod is perfect for you! It´s still an Alpha Build, but the modder from Mystic Academy are working hard to get it The pokemon spawn wild instead  of the normal ARK dinos. Instead of gathering resources you will gather credits by killing pokemon. Once you have […]

ARK Survival Evolved DLC: Scorched Earth

ARK: Scorched Earth is a completely finished, polished new expansion pack, which retails for $19.99 on Steam PC/Mac/Linux/SteamOS and Xbox One. And it´s out now! Click here to see more details, screenshots and updates on our special DLC page! You can buy it directly on steam by clicking on the link below.

ARK Mod: Primitive+

The second official mod, Primitive+, will launch directly within ARK: Survival Evolved on Thursday, July 28 for both PC and Xbox One players! Primitive+ explores the idea of what life may be like with common-day knowledge and resources provided by the land. It incorporates primitive tools and techniques that are still being used by indigenous […]

ARK Total Conversion Mod – ARK: Primal Survival – Official Trailer

On the E3 the new Total Conversion Mod – ARK: Primal Survival was shown and now here is the Youtube-Video.     ARK: Primal Survival is an upcoming Total Conversion where survivors will be able to play, live, and breed as any of the ARK’s creatures! Survivors will experience full survival mechanics and lifecycles, including […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Modding Contest Winners – Mods

MODs 1. Advanced Architecture Mod Taking the top vote in the category, the Advanced Architecture mod is one of the most popular builder based mods in the workshop. We had a blast building castles and experiencing a royal setting while reviewing it! Steam Link 2. NPC Bush Peoples This was, hands down, one of our […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Modding Contest Winners – Total Conversions

TOTAL CONVERSIONS 1. Tribe Wars Tribe wars is a thrilling game mode that offers a PVP-based experience that stays true to the core of what ARK is.  The objective is simple; defend your flag while trying to destroy your enemies flag.  The comprehensiveness of this total conversion and the talent that went into creating it […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Modding Contest Winners – Maps

MAPS 1. Valhalla You wouldn’t be able to tell the map is only 80% complete if you’ve ever had the pleasure of exploring Valhalla.  With land mass and water area 6 times that of the normal island,  it’s enough to keep you exploring for days.  The amount of work that went into creating this map […]

Metal Glas Mod

Most people prefer a rigid base over a beautiful stylish home. This results in oppressive dark metal castles. This mod will change this by adding a new element: Transparent Metal. These new walls / roofs have the same durability and effects like their massive counterparts, but they let your base receive the sunlight. The recipe […]

Remote View Security Monitor Mod Spotlight

CCTV may be something a few of you may already know. If not – no problem. We’ll explain you what a CCTV is, and how you can use it in ARK: Survival Evolved. CCTV is short for Closed Circuit Television – a video surveillance system. This mod allows you to add a camera to your […]

ARK Gate Mod Spotlight

With the Gate Mod, you’ll get a few more new gate types inside Ark: Survival Evolved. These can be opened pretty easily from within the game. Here a short list of new gates added with this mod:   1.) Big Wooden Dinogate Level 25 (Engram 4+3) Wood: 200+80 Stone: 60 Thatech: 50+20 Fiber: 35+10 2.) […]

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