Tutorial: Add your own images to a sign, billboard or banner (ARK Paint)

We’re proud to present you our implementation of the ARK Painting Generator. With this tool you can paint your own images on any sign, board or banner.


Step 1

just open this tool, select which type of image you want to create and upload the image you want to add. Click on “send”.

Maximum file dimensions are: 1920 x 1920 pixel and 3MB

Step 2

Select the part of the image, which you want, or select nothing and continue by pressing “preview”


Step 3

If you think think it’s a good choice to print this image, click on download. You’ll receive a .PNT file, which you’ll have to upload to this folder:


Be aware – wooden billboards and signs have a brown background color – so every image will be darker than expected!

Step 4

Start ARK. Go to a server of your choice (or play in single player). Create a wooden billboard, sign or flag (depending on the type you’ve selected in step 1). Hit it with a brush. In the new opened window – click on “Load Paints From This Type”.


Now another window will open. If you’ve saved the file correctly you’ll see arksurvivalnet on the left side. Click on it and you see the required colors. If you’ve everything, just apply it and – congratulations – you’ve your own image applied to it


We’ll add features to limit the colors in a later update in the near future. Until then: stay tuned 🙂

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77 thoughts on “Tutorial: Add your own images to a sign, billboard or banner (ARK Paint)”

          1. sorry but for some reason when I make the folder it takes away the /’s and thing is that meant to happen?

            And thanks so much for being so helpful <3

          2. yes, thats normal. If you want to use “‘” then you’ll have to add them manually, because these are not valid characters for filenames on every operating system.

  1. How is the 1:1 size in pixels for each sign? If I want to draw some pixel art on photoshop.
    And the “direct” option on the converter is for painting dinos?

  2. So far I’ve spent a couple hours with this tool and ARK, trying to print something. There is a problem, that makes every painting to requiere a crazy amount of colors. Even with those which are just black and white, even after editing their colours in Photoshop….I can’t manage to have all the colors needed to press the final button in Ark to paint. There’s times where I have the needed color, and it displays both in the needed and missing camps, with a 0% of amount. So the tool is mega cool, but I think it needs some update to fix the colors, otherwise its almost impossible to paint much!

        1. i just keep a large storage box with 5-10 of every colour. “transfer all to inventory” before you go painting, and transfer all back when i am done.

          paint isnt expensive / hard to make.


  3. Followed through with all the steps and the images do load in ark but i cannot click select and it will not allow me to apply the paint ~ please help 🙂

    1. you have to have all the paints with you. the bottom box on the right has to ben empty.

      even if it says 0% red. that means you dont have enough red. the bottom box will be empty when you have all the paints you require.


  4. I think we just need the update that limits the colors which Krim announced us will be coming soon. Thanks for update, very interesting tool, looking forward to use it alot! 😛

    1. It’s great. Though, I have one problem. I can load a “[Name]_Sign_Small_Metal_C.pnt” painting onto a metal sign, but not a metal WALL sign. Is there any way I can change the syntax to make it work with metal wall signs? Thanks.

  5. everytime i load my painting i see it appear in the background but end up getting d/c’d from server this could be my internet but was curious if anyone else had this issue? 🙂

    Great tool btw

  6. The problem im having is once i select the colors i want , there is no way to press enter to accept the colors, i have to press escape to get out of the color selection screen and then the colors i choose are reset and not saving. How do i accept my color choices and exit that pop up screen?

  7. Does anyone know a way to paint dinos with images? I want to apply certain colors or patterns without manually brushing all sides with Shift+Left Click, but don’t know how. Does this tool work on dino paint, too?

  8. I can’t figure out what resolution I need the raw image I upload to be in order to not end up with a stretched final product, either on a flag or a billboard. Also, I don’t have a “MyPaintings” folder in the indicated area. This tool is cool but the directions need to be far more comprehensive.

      1. I figured out the folder thing, but still when I try to upload an image the end result is improperly stretched. I can’t figure out how to get an accurate-to-the-original image.

        1. What I mean is that the preview always shows the final image as either too stretched horizontally, or too stretched vertically, depending on whether it’s for a billboard or a flag. Is the preview window not showing me an accurate image of what it will look like in-game?

  9. Is anyone else having troubles with the grame freezes when you try to load some of the stuff into the game?
    Had huge problems with the Canvas paintings.

  10. can we get a drop down for canvas painting? its a pain the arse using the other program online for canvas. this interface is much more user friendly.


    1. Using direct and then changing the name works… but I’m here in the comments because I’m having trouble getting Warmap to load paint, even though I’ve tried all the workarounds that I had to use for canvas.

  11. I see signs and billboards. Can we use this just for regular paintings on the canvas or are these for signs and billboards only? I can’t get images to show

      1. I’ve used “direct” on several pictures, downloaded them and put them in the right folder. “Flag” pictures in the same folder worked just fine, but when I wanted to load those “direct” pictures for a canvas, there was no “arksurvivalnet” there.

        What to do?

  12. I can load everything in game, but it keeps saying i’m missing % color and nothing will load and then when i save the image on this site if I just want one color it shows a big square/rectangle of the color i selected and not my image. What am I doing wrong? lol

  13. I have followed the instructions on this page but when I go in game and click “Load Paints From This Type” there are no paintings available in the “Select A Painting To Preview” window.
    I created the folder: MyPaintings here:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\MyPaintings and placed the PNT file in that folder. As a test I selected a small black and white .png picture. The conversion over to the .PNT type executed fine.

    I am playing on my own dedicated server called Agharta and I’m trying to apply this image to the Metal Sign.

    If anyone has any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong please let me know.

    Thank you.

    1. i had to create the folder myself. and i’m also having the same issue. hoping you’ve found out how to resolve it after all this time so maybe i can get some help?

  14. First of all, awesome tool, so thank you very much!!

    I have been able to paint a flag with an image, which is cool, except that its on the back side of the flag (back side of each part of the flag since there are 4 faces), Since the flag is against a structure entrance the rear side is not very visible. I initially placed the flag with it infront of me as you would look at the structure, so figured ‘Ark physics’ and placed a new one, but this time facing away from the structure, however the image still paints to the side facing the structure.

    I have rotated in the paint tool as well, and rotated while placing to see if i can turn it around, even painted from the side that is facing the structure to turn it around, still no go. Has anyone else encountered this issue while painting flags?


  15. I have tried this, followed all the guides, saved the images as direct for me to put on canvases. Renamed the files to match the proper object. The names of the files do show up when I try to load the painting but they never actually load the image or allow me to apply it. I did get it to work with flag design I created but nothing for paintings.

    Can someone help me understand where I went wrong?

  16. Will my tribemates be able to see my paintings if they haven’t added the actual images themselves? I put up three billboards and about seven flags and a tribemate said they’re all blank. After I had finished painting them… Help!

    1. Sometimes it takes a while to load for others. Eventually, it will show up. (I think it has something to do with the fact that the paint is saved on your computer, but has to load on theirs.)

  17. If the darker condition due to a brown background is an issue, can increase saturation of all colors by maybe 30%, and brightness by the same. If this tool wont do that, then do so in paint, then open the altered pic in this new tool.

    The image wont be perfect, but it’ll be better. If you want a preview of sorts on how it looks… make a big transparent (38%transparent- more opaque) brown-tan square over the image (ark signs’ wood color). Remember to undo the square! (Esp before exiting in paint or it may be unremovable).
    This is not a perfect preview, it will only give U an idea of how the colors of the image and sign background will interplay; the image will be partially obsured, like looking at it through fog, which wont be how it would be if used in the game.

    Just some useful information to help people for whome the colors or accuracy of the image may matter much. Good luck.

  18. I used this tool a couple of weeks ago and it worked fine. However today I don’t seem to be able to get past the step one. As in, when I send the chosen image for processing, the page refreshes but the Step 2 never come up. Any idea what might be causing it? I did turn off my ad blockers, and tried both Firefox and Chrome.

  19. is it allowed to do this in official pvp servers? or is this like a cheat and you will be banned? anyone try it out on offical server?

  20. Question. I can use this fine with everything accept canvas. I don’t understand what it means by canvas size? There is only one canvas size in the game. So what do I choose for a size on my images

  21. It’s great. Though, I have one problem. I can load a “[Name]_Sign_Small_Metal_C.pnt” painting onto a metal sign, but not a metal WALL sign. Is there any way I can change the syntax to make it work with metal wall signs? Thanks.

  22. For canvas its named wrong and wont show up in the list till i rename the file, it says ‘_PaintingCanvas_C’ on the end when it should be ‘_sign_paintingcanvas_c’ the sign bit is missed out so it wont find it on the list

  23. I don’t seem to be able to use the PNT maker. Any image I try to upload is not there just a little broken picture in the upper left corner. Is the tool not working or is it my end?

  24. Does this tool already up to date? all the time i try to convert a picture it doesnt show the preview and says its for wood panel not for single flag i want.


  25. Good Morning,
    The hardware is great but I have a little problem.
    I make a file in photoshop without a background in .png format and when I put it in the tool, the background looks bad.
    If I put a white background it looks good, but it consumes a lot of white paint, and when applying the paint on the canvas it kicks me out of the game due to timeout (I imagine this is a server problem).
    I have seen that other people go up the same as me (for example the tek bib) and the bottom does not appear.
    Could you explain to me how to upload it without a background so that I don’t spend so much paint and don’t throw the server at me?
    Thanks a lot!

  26. Any suggestion on how to fix my problem?: I try to upload my tribes’ logo. but the blue turns purple. And it seems like I don’t have the braincells to figure out what to do.

    (original image)
    (Converted image)
    (ingame prewiew)

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