ARK: Survival Evolved

Tutorial: Add your own images to a sign, billboard or banner (ARK Paint)

We’re proud to present you our implementation of the ARK Painting Generator. With this tool you can paint your own images on any sign, board or banner.


Step 1

just open this tool, select which type of image you want to create and upload the image you want to add. Click on “send”.

Maximum file dimensions are: 1920 x 1920 pixel and 3MB

Step 2

Select the part of the image, which you want, or select nothing and continue by pressing “preview”

Step 3

If you think think it’s a good choice to print this image, click on download. You’ll receive a .PNT file, which you’ll have to upload to this folder:


Be aware – wooden billboards and signs have a brown background color – so every image will be darker than expected!

Step 4

Start ARK. Go to a server of your choice (or play in single player). Create a wooden billboard, sign or flag (depending on the type you’ve selected in step 1). Hit it with a brush. In the new opened window – click on “Load Paints From This Type”.

Now another window will open. If you’ve saved the file correctly you’ll see arksurvivalnet on the left side. Click on it and you see the required colors. If you’ve everything, just apply it and – congratulations – you’ve your own image applied to it

We’ll add features to limit the colors in a later update in the near future. Until then: stay tuned 🙂

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