ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 208 & 208.1

This updates are merely fixes of the last patch


  • Fixed some server crashes
  • Fixed issue with wall signs & activated powered electronics not attaching to platform structures
  • Fixed Brontos/Rafts getting pushed by structures built onto the them
  • Fixed invisible character materials after equipping armor in singleplayer/local play
  • Wild Dinos (i.e. Sharks etc) will no longer attack rafts
  • Fixed a save-painting crash
  • Fixed platform-attached climbing ladder funkyness
  • Fixed Torch/Fire Lights not being attached correctly on moving platforms
  • Rafts physics no longer get stuck underwater at low server fps
  • Platform saddles can no longer be colorized when structures are already placed on them (for now).
  • Fixed a client case where all saddle-platform structures could be detached depending on network payload order
  • You can no longer spawn at platform-saddled beds/sleeping-bags that are “thru”/near enemy structures
  • Brontos can now properly climb ramps / base on structures again
  • Rafts/Buggies (vehicles) no longer show “Feeding Trough” icon
  • Fixed “Survival ofthe Fittest” Server crash
  • Fixed Submersible Rafts
  • Fixed Rafts that would end up underground at 50,50 (this should also retroactively fix any which had that occur)
  • Fixed Ladder funkyness underground
  • Fixed being teleported by flyer carrying you onto a platform saddle
  • Fixed platform-saddled structure spawn VFX erroneously playing when first coming into view on a client


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