ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 200

Yes, next version will be v200. Here are the patchnotes. As always: updated when there’s something new available.

New features

  • Super ARK Server Management Tool! manage all your mods visually, install new mods and total conversions, update mods, manage all server settings visually, connect to RCON, and soon enough do this all remotely!
  • “Survival of the Fittest” and “Total Conversion” Support, finally!

Item Changes

  • Re-Fertilizer now acts upon an area, not on a single foliage
  • Warning time on turrets is no longer used when targeting grenades/rockets
  • Supply Crates that don’t move and have no loot (due to no items generated) no longer appear on primitive servers, etc

Game Changes

  • Added a new option to use toggle-talk instead of push-to-talk


  • Fixed a bug where getting picked-up while climbing a ladder would teleport you when dropped
  • Fixed Preverving Bin bug with consuming items and not giving you jerky
  • Being Kicked from a session during connection (including Bans) no longer results in you getting stuck a loading screen. Now you’ll actually get back to the main menu with correct message.




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