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Patch 183.0 added a new chat-variant. Called “Local-Chat” it allows you to chat with everyone in the proximity, but excludes the rest of the server. That could for example be useful for people who end up having to ask for help, but don’t want to advertise their precarious situation to everyone on the server.

You can access it with the “Insert”-key. That will change the “Global”-Label left of the chat input to “Local”. Local Chat is distinguished by the suffix “(LOCAL)” in the chat-window.


local chat

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    1. Configure local, global, and tribe chat to different keys. If that doesn’t work, then I don’t know what would. Hope this helps.

  1. My question I have for everyone is why keep adding things to the game like skeleton dinos and cyber dinos it’s ruining the game. I just got done installing the new cyber Dino and now my gain no longer works it needs to be. The game was so much better when it first came out but now it’s getting ridiculous

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