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Did you ever find an animal you wanted really bad, but you weren’t sure if you have the required amount of time, food and narcotics? Now you can use our taming calculator to find out – before you tame it! Try it out! Link

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    1. Your gorilla calculator is way off on time and efficiency it seems to be taking 3 minutes and 45 seconds per kibble feed. Which makes ur estimated 12 minute tame on a 116 totally false

  1. It’s written that Stego preferred food is Tintoberry are you absolutely sure about that ?

  2. How is the narcotic requirement calculated? The tool says 54 for a level 7 Rex but I have used 150 and hes not tamed yet? Thank you.

    1. Are you by any chance playing on a non-official server, or an offical server of the hard-variety?

      1. I am on a non official server and have not adjusted any of the values. The calculation on a level 9 Scorpion was spot on.

  3. Tame time for the mammoth i tamed last night was about right, but when i went and checked a sabertooth, at any level it said i required 0 narcotics, even after hitting recalc

    1. sorry i cant reproduce that behaviour. sabertooth level 1 takes 16 narcotics, while a level 100 requires 78 – at least in the calculator.

  4. The calculator for determining the required narcotic doesn’t seem to function correctly all the time. The one instance I’ve found where it doesn’t work is on the Rex calculator. If any Rex level besides 1 is selected and raw prime is selected as the food source, the required torpor decreases and does not appear to provide an accurate calculation (A higher lvl Rex should require more raw prime [calculator does this correct] but also require more torpor to eat all yes?).

    1. the higher the npc, the more torpor it has when it’s getting unconsious – so you add this torpor beforehand with your weapon. That’s why some calculations look strange – but are – mathematically – correct. Only posibility could be, that one of our values is a lil bit off. Can you try to make a “perfect” tame and tell us the required materials?

  5. I believe the narcotics calc isnt right…all you did was take the torpor of the dino and divide by 40. I dont see how you are taking in account the torpor decrease rate relative to the food decrease and how many times you need to fill up the unconsciousness bar. Please explain the calculation you are using for the naroctics number, none of them seem correct.

  6. I feel like this is off for level 30+ animals. A raptor level 56 took me over 3 hours to tame (starting at 98%) when using serveral prime meat. It also was about 45’ish narcotics. I am playing on an official server as well. When I did the tame, I asked in the global chat to see if something was wrong but other people had similiar times with high-end raptors.

  7. Megalodon Level 24 need much more Nacro and not only 66 for taming…

    Please fix, Server taming settings are standard.

    1. bronto often dont need any narcotic because they have so high toråer than goes down very slow

  8. I noticed that some of the raw prime meat stats are wrong. If they are 4x more effective, then the spino should need 55 raw prime at level 52 not 72.

  9. ok so i noticed your given torpor is wrong i knocked out 2 lvl 2 mammoths you say they are 1800 torpor but both mine were only 583 torpor and i also knocked out a lvl 5 you say its 2200 but mine was only 682 maybe re-look at torpor maybe they had a change recently?

    1. Given torpor is not “dino torpor”, it is the amount you will actually give it in total to eat the the required amount. so lets say you knock out a 28 trike with 3x taming, Required Torpor to eat all is 734 and Given Torpor is 760, this means you gave it 19 narcotics for a total of 760 torpor. this however should be reworked and calculated so as to include the base torpor of the dino since you wouldn’t actually give it 19 narcotics since they already come with 655 torpor to begin with. So really you would only have to actually feed it the required torpor (734) minus the base torpor (655) which is 79, which would be 2 narcotics.

      1. actually, with some testing, the GIVEN torpor is how much u would give it in ADDITION to the dinos base torpor. so the 734 required torpor is on top of the 655 the 28 trike would already come with, so you would need to fee it all those narcotics

  10. You may need to recalculate everything after the hot-fix 186.2 from yesterday (http://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/594820656447032287/). Raw Prime Meat and the other food are now back to the original levels, so Raw Prime should be back to 150 gained affinity. If the correct kibble is used, that it will be 40% better than raw prime meat. Please use update the calculator using this because, as of now, it is not correct and when it is correct, it’s quite handy. Thanks! 🙂

  11. Calculation for prime/kibble is wrong. You didn’t update, they put back old value for prime meat and bibble is 40% more efficient than raw prime.


    1. We didn’t see another change in the kibble values (albeit they’ve announced modifications in a lot of patchnotes). Do you have reliable sources?

      1. v186.2

        * Put all meats taming speeds/values exactly where they originally were. Made Kibbles 40% faster for Taming than Raw Meat ever was, and it’s got SUPER AFFINITY (if you use the right kind of Kibble for your Dino — for example Raw Prime Meat may net you a 70% effective tame now, whereas using the right Kibble can get you close to 100%!). May continue to buff Kibble, but let’s take it one step at a time with seeing how useful it is now 🙂

  12. Calculator for required narc is totally wrong. Taming a lvl 72 Trike, it says 104. I already burn though 100 when it is only halfway done.

    1. The narcotics calculation are for a “perfect tame”. Seems like yours didnt go so well… 🙁

      1. What is a “perfect tame”? I have tamed a Rex, feeding him within seconds of him going down and he did not take any additional damage during the tame and he took over 3 times the narcotics the calculator said he should have.

  13. Hey, loving what you are doing here. but some things oughta be reviewed. for example, Parasaurs tend to prefer Mejoberries not Azulberries. Keep up the great work!

  14. Any chance of getting the Dimorphodon added as well ? Keep up the excellent work !

  15. There seem to be a few comments of folks that are angry. Please don’t take these to heart. What you’re attempting here is a very valuable tool. Even if it’s not 100% accurate, it gives a good indication of what you’ll probably need. If this is based on the “perfect tame”, would you mind including on the page that bit of info, and what defines a perfect tame? Maybe this will help dispel some of the negativity. Thank you for this tool though, It’s great to have something to start with when I knock out a dino for the first time. 🙂

  16. how do you determine which food is preferred by the particular animal?
    e.g. for trike, it prefers rockarrots before it eats mejoberries. which provides it better over all taming efficiency.

    it also says that i need 1100 to tame a lvl90 trike and only 550 mejo berries.
    but given it eats carrots before mejo berries, it should, in theory use less carrots than mejo berries.

    1. i mean the rockarrots give a higher over all efficiency than mejo berries, thus using less.

  17. So yes the calculation for the Kibble is definitely wrong.

    Quoting the calculator for a lvl 21 Carno. -> 28 Kibbles. It took actually only 15 kibbles ( i had 19 kibbles for it and 4 left after the tame).

  18. im not trusting this thing till it get fixed lvl 1 spino I tamed with 150 narcotics it says we need 471 and a lvl 90 required 2247 which is impossible

  19. I was taming a lvl 78 argentavis and with around 25 prime meat
    calculator said 7 hours and I am on 7 hours and 30 min now and on 80%
    tired as fuck tho :{

    hope its done soon

  20. Does this take into account the fact that efficiency decrease? I feel like a level 60 raptor won’t take 01:20:01 with normal raw meat…

  21. Just tamed a lvl 90 T-Rex and it started with 9832 Torpor and not the +15.000 indicated.

    1. Jelle,

      I do not think all Dino’s have the same stats if they are the same lvl, they “auto level” themselves, you might get a t rex with high dmg and another with higher health.

  22. I am curious if the Kibble is currently correct with the current build(189.0) in your calculator, if i select a 90 T rex and only feed it Raw prime it will get
    “Gained Affinity by feeding 17010”
    However when I feed it only Kibble The affinity is Less 16950. Should it not be better food?

    My understanding about affinity is that it is how much the dino likes the food, which in turn makes the Taming effectiveness go down less each time it eats.
    Example 1:
    Taming effectivness is on 90% dino eats raw prime and it goes down to 89.5%
    Example 2:
    Taming effectivness is on 90% dino eats kibble and it goes down to 89.8%

    1. http://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/535151589891562062/
      Released – 15 July 2015

      After being successfully Tamed, Tamed Dinos will now bias towards consuming the least-nutritious food in their inventory (that is still edible by them). Thus for example a carnivore will eat all inferior Raw Meats before eating Prime Meat within its Inventory, making it more viable to store high quality food on your Dinos over lengthier periods of time for the long haul.
      Put all meats taming speeds/values exactly where they originally were. Made Kibbles 40% faster for Taming than Raw Meat ever was, and it’s got SUPER AFFINITY (if you use the right kind of Kibble for your Dino — for example Raw Prime Meat may net you a 70% effective tame now, whereas using the right Kibble can get you close to 100%!). May continue to buff Kibble, but let’s take it one step at a time with seeing how useful it is now 🙂

  23. Number of Prime/Kibble needed is still incorect.

    Prime meat was put back as orginal value (raw meat/3) and kibble is +40%

    1. Raw Prime Meat gives 50 food and 150 affinity, so it is correct that a third of Raw meat is needed.
      Preferred Kibbles give 80 food and 400 affinity, so just do (timewithrawmeat)/5 for the time and (rawmeatneeded)/8 for the amount of kibbles needed.
      Also, narcotics are off by about a third or 50% depending on how you look at it. So if the calculator says 100 you’re probably gonna need almost 150. (Interestingly, all the errors together make the narcotics amout for kibbles almost right)
      Hope this helps. Valid as of patch 189.

        1. I did get what you meant, and wanted to support that with hard data to help adjust the values used in the calculator.
          By the way Bronto is fixed in the game, Turtle egg kibble gives:
          53.33 Food per kibble
          426.66 affinity per kibble
          The calculator is still way broken for kibbles as well as narcotics

  24. Just in case you do change your data: Bronto is still broken and doesn’t have a kibble that it likes as much as the others do their favorite one. Unfavorite kibbles usually give 90 food. This holds true with the Bronto for all but the Carbonemys kibble, which only gives 60 food, but as far as I could see no “super affinity”. (189.0)

  25. Would it be possible to add the Torpor Lost per second? I like to set a timer for periodic narcing visits and I can’t quite seem to figure out which numbers will give me the right period for the visits. I usually just rely on manually timing it at the beginning of the tame.

    Also, adjusting the calculator for different tame speeds would also be nice.

    1. http://www.ark-survival.net/en/taming-calculator/?effi=200 does adjust for different tame speeds in percent. 200 is 2x, 300 is 3x and so on.

      The calculator is only correct for level 1 creatures when it comes to torpor lost per second. You can, however, work that figure out for yourself with the numbers I have provided here:
      It’s the second and third to last column in the huge table. Just do 3rd to last + (level * 2nd to last) and that’s your torpor loss per second.

  26. I was taming Lvl 104 rex Male and this website says 445 Narcotic needed but i used close to 1.5k. He had like 21187 Tarpor. The time and food was close to accurate. Im on official server 86.

  27. Taming a level 36 spino and it says on the calc that he will take 1188 narc pots using 1 prime meat, 12 prime jerky, and 151 raw meat. Just wanted to check if this is correct or not. Ill update with what the actually factor is once taming is done, but that will be somewhere close to 6 hours I think.

  28. Heya, the Kibbles are wrong, sadly. It took me 14 Bronto Kibbles to tame a lvl 120 sabertooth to 98% and of course 15 to finish him, try another math formula untill you reach that amount

    1. On an official server a 108 Sabertooth took me 20 Kibble (19 was very close) however it took a little over an hour not the reported 37 minutes. I got +42 lvl’s and didn’t have to use 1 narc.

  29. Hey guys! Awesome tool I love it!

    Something I would like to see is an option where I can pick that I want to use narcoberries instead of narcotics. Or that I can say I have this much narcotics how much berries do I need to finish this.

    Cheers! Keep up the good work, it’s awesome!

  30. Tamed a 96 anklyo with only kibble, Kibble estimate was accurate but the time it took was double (about 2 hours instead of 1)

    1. It looks like the kibble number is right, but even with kibble take the time and narc estimate from Raw Prime Meat. That just worked for a lvl 17 Spino.

  31. So I just feel like the narcotics count on all these calculations is about 50-100 less than what it should be

  32. Hey btw i tamed carno 112 few days ago and ur calculator is wrong about narcos,says i need 293 but i used 620 and i wasnt overusing or smth,so look into and fix it pls

  33. I tamed a lvl 116 spino with argent kibble only. The calc was right about the kibble(51.5) but it was wrong about the time and narcotics. It took about twice as long and twice as many narcs.

    Did you account for the fact that the food has to drop by 80 to eat a kibble?

  34. Dimo’s calc seems to be far off. i tamed a lvl 28 and the amount of narco and meat needed matched closer to that of the lvl 60 in the calc. (on official server)

    1. I can confirm what Joe has experienced. Dimorphodon narcotic consumption is far higher than what is conveyed. I’m on a 2x taming server and i still exceeded your estimations. Their torpor levels drop so fast and even if you try to maintain lowerl levels of torpor the narco consumption is still much higher.

  35. Tamed a spino lvl 16 with just kibble on one of the official PVE servers, seams like the calculator is of on the time by a factor of 4 (31 vs 120 minutes) and the narco is of by a factor of 2 (91 vs 200). Kibble was correct though.

  36. For Rex level 88 tamed with kibbles only (42) calculator says 9 Narcotics… mistake or what should this value tell me?

    (using latest Chrome)

    1. Just tamed a level 96 Rex with scorpion kibbles only. The amount of kibbles needed (45) was right, but everything else is far away from the calculated values.

      I began at 0:40 MEST and ended at 3:05 (145 minutes vs. 90 minutes calculated)
      – used 299 Narcotics (based on 1 Narcotic per ~30 seconds it should be 290, calculator says 0)
      – assuming the complete tame took 145 minutes or 8700 seconds and he ate 45 kibbles (80 food per kibble) we have 3600 food
      – 3600 food / 8700 seconds = 0.4137931 food/s drain
      (- food value was falling 0.4 – 0.5 per second, but more often 0.4 so I assumed something like 0.425)
      (The data is not completely accurate, more some notes and timestamps of the screenshots I took; using default taming multiplier: 1.0)

  37. I’m not sure whether it will factor in… but the difficulty setting/slider was recently tweaked on our server and I’m seeing dinosaurs ranging as high as 122 whereas before the high end was in the 30-40’s. My understanding is that it is on level 4, now — which is supposed to be the highest PVE setting. Perhaps that is something that is contributing to the disparity in times for taming and narcotics required? Because I did an 10-hour stretch taming an 80 brontosaurus which was nigh spot-on for timing.

  38. T-rex level 120 took 53 kibble and 173 narc. (51 bonus levels) questions I play OfficialServer17 I play over a 15 hour span off and on, so if I don’t reply you can just ask again in a little bit.

    1. Wow, 173 narcotics? I had to use 299 on my 96 Rex (as seen above). Taming a 116 Rex right now and already used 80 Narcotics to drain food by 900 points.

      1. as i said before: this only happens to the Rex. I’m missing a value, which makes the rex different from the other dinosaurs…. or one value is off 🙁

  39. The calculator says that a 120 raptor with 21 kibble does not require any narco, but I just tested it last night and I needed to use exactly 1. I actually used 2, but it’s torpor was above 40 by the time it was tamed.
    If I play with the numbers, it says I can even use 4 less kibble (subbing in the necessary prime meat) without needing any narco, so some value must be a bit off.

    1. you really only need one for a perfect tame, but the calculator rounds, and 0.4 narco is 0. Need to reprogramm that, true.

  40. Did a Rex last night, kibble value was good, time was 2x aprox and narcs were like 150++ both this values were very wrong. 112+48=160 rex

  41. Aweful to use on a mobile phone screen. Couldn’t figure out how to get it to take the 150 narcoberries into account and then tell me how many narcotics I needed to finish the job. Is that a feature?

  42. The dimorphodon narcotics calculation is still massively wrong. The amount of narcotics is easily 2-3x more than that which is shown.

  43. Yesterday I tamed a lvl 100 Mammoth with only kibble the calculator sad i would need 11 nacotic but i needed 52. The number of kibbles was right.

  44. The timing calculation is incorrect when taming a 96 ptera using pure kibble. They only eat kibble every 80 hunger points. I think that may be whats causing the issue.

    Time on site: 42 minutes.
    Actual time: Closer to 1 1/2 hrs

  45. And today i tamed a lvl 116 Argent with only kibble, it took approx 1:51:00 and i needed 52 nacotics instead of 0. Numer of kibble was right again.

  46. Tamed a ptero 104 with kibble.

    Needed 19 kibble as said by the calculator.

    Needed around 70 narco instead of 50.

  47. Pteranodon lvl 100 tamed with kibble.

    Nimber of kibble is correct.

    used 62 narco. Not 72.

    Plus it’s Dodo kibble, not Titano.

  48. Great tool, but you can’t reset the “default” narco settings. If it auto fills the narcotics box with 4, it won’t change it no matter what. Accessed via android mobile,, default browser

  49. Narcotics to tame a 120 pteranodon is figured at 619 by calculator but in game, the process requires less than 150 narcotics.

  50. Just tamed an Argen 120 with kibble only.

    Number of kibble where fine, 35 as said.

    narco were all wrong, used 60 and had 900 torpor left

    1. Can you guys show the calculation for each value? I’m messing arround with excel to add the level of the dino and then enter the amount of food and narcotics/berries.

      Oh! a question, berries and meat spoils, are we considering this while calculating?

  51. 116 Ankylo says 51 kibble and 100 narcotics, just tamed in game on official 1x server and it had 1500 torpor remaining when the tame was finished.

  52. I looked up and down the posts on this page, and no one has mentioned this, which makes me think it’s only me, but, does this app not calculate Narcoberries?

  53. Dimorphodons.
    Just tamed like 8 of them all of which required around 3 times as many narcotics as the calculator suggested. The food amount was pretty accurate though

  54. Are you going to update it to pachy and doedicus and ape etc? would be really handy to have those dinos on it as well.

    ~ Martin

  55. May have been said already but sarco 116 calc states 26 kibble req, it is infact 27. confirmed taming a 116 sarco and running out of kibble after 26 started to lose taming bar.

    1. this happens if you do only the slightest bit of the taming wrong. you should always have an additional kibble, just in case

  56. At 300% modifier, level 28 Dimorphodon.
    Raw meat needed was correct at 15, but Narcotics needed were 4, instead of one.

  57. For taming on Scorpions, the spoiled meat and narcotics are right but the effectiveness and level gain are actually half of that show in the site, just tamed a 120 scorpion, and finished at 13% (+7 lvl) (on EU Official Server 207)

    1. can you check it with other dinosaurs and on other servers, too? Because the calculations (from the values itself) seem correct and i didn’t see a change in the last patchnotes :/

  58. So I understand how the calculator works, but I don’t understand the additional info, like the:

    Narcotic buffer number?
    Torpor (Min ; Max ; Given) and why that information is relevant?
    min and max narco – the calculator gives you a number, what does the min max mean?
    affinity required, what is it?

  59. The taming time I noticed for the Gigantopithecus is off for ex a lvl 3 it says 17 min but so far its taken me 1hr 30min with 3 argo’s and its still not done

  60. Hi i’m taming a mosa ans with 64 prime raw meat i wasn’t even to 50% ^^ so i think its more like 135 raw prime meat ^^

  61. My server runs @ 150% percent is there anyway you could add that as an option. Right now it goes from 100% to 200%

  62. I think your tranq arrow calculations is a bit off, as far as i can tell it isnt 120 narcotic buffer but 100

  63. The compy will ONLY eat raw prime. I have tried cooked prime, cooked meat, and raw meat. The only thing that affected its tame bar was the prime meat. I tamed a level 72 yesterday and it ate about 6 Prime and took about 2 minutes (if that).

    1. Yeah, also the prime meat is off for compy. A level 12 compy took 3 prime meat not 9 prime meat. I didn’t need any narcotics for it.

  64. Just wanted to say – We’ve found that a Compy can’t be tamed with regular meat. Has to be prime. Does not work with Narc-Berries either.

  65. Taming a sarco right now:

    level 20

    Right now it is barely half way after 3 hours. Says 2:55 hours using raw meat.
    I am at 50+ narcotics. Is there something I am missing?

    Server Offical 366

  66. Giganotosaurus, level 12, (4x rate) 5 kibble, 0 narcotic. Narcotic is wrong, completely wrong when it comes to a giga. it seems to require at MINIMUM 100 narcotics to tame, because right away the topor drops at 500 a second, and it does not get hungry quick enough to eat the kibble to not wake up

    1. Oh thanks for the information – I´ll tell it the programmer – he´ll add it as soon as he can 🙂

  67. hi

    your timer on woolly rhino is a lot different from the other calculators. could you check if your timer is spot on?

  68. Love the taming calculator. It’s very helpful. Only thing I wish I could do is view it on my IPhone. Had an android previously and used the app, but I can’t find it in the App Store

  69. I don’t know if somebody already wrote it here but where is fish meat in that calculator? For example Pelagornis have on wiki favorite food fish meat and I didn’t read that he could eat something else at all from normal food during taming so how am I supposed to calculate that?

  70. Pelagornis – Kibble ratio is identical to pteradon.

    Lv 116 Starved. ate 20 Compy Kibble.

    Info from Official Standard Pve Island server.

  71. OK explain this to me. Currently I am taming a lvl 70 Carno. It’s torpor time runs out at about 45 minutes, the entire tame on raw meat ( which I am unfortunately using) is gonna take me 6 hours and 45 minutes. I am on an offical server. The calculator says it’s going to take 333 narco to tame this. Explain to me how 6 hours and 45 minutes divided by 45 minutes is going to take 14.3 repeating times to refill the timer max. If it is going to take 42 narcos to completely refill its timer 14.3 repeating times then it will take 602 narcos to completely tame this dino. How the hell do you get 333 narcos when the math tells me 602 narcos?

  72. Hi,
    First, this tool is amazing, also right all the time.
    Except, i tamed a doedicurus level 8, the calculator say 2h36, but took me more than 4 hours on official server.

    Good work 🙂 keep going

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