Possible Server settings

The following server settings exist for “ARK: Survival Evolved”. You can either specify them in the command line you use to start the server like this

ShooterGameServer "[your normal server parameters]?ServerPVE=true"

Or alternatively, you can use the force_install_path\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\GameUserSettings.ini (from patch 171.0 onwards). That file contains the following section, in which you can set the option values.

ARK: Survival Evolved Setting Effect
ServerPVE Enables the PvE-Mode. Players can no longer beat each other to death, or grief other players buildings.
ServerHardcore This will enable Hardcore-Mode. Once you die, your character will be deleted.
ServerCrosshair Enables the Crosshair
ServerForceNoHUD Disables the character name displays which float around in the world.
AltSaveDirectoryName Saves the Game-Files in an alternative directory.
GlobalVoiceChat Can everyone voice-chat with every one on the server, or are they limited by proximity?
NoTributeDownloads Prevents Items and Characters from being loaded from other Servers.
AlwaysNotifyPlayerLeft Does what it says. It will display a message if players leave the server.
DontAlwaysNotifyPlayerJoined Disables the aforementioned messages.
AllowThirdPersonPlayer Allows players to go into third-person mode.
MapPlayerLocation Will display the exact coordinates and position of players on ingame maps. [Added 05 June]

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