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Dino Dossier: Pteranodon

Common Name:PteranodonSpecies:Pteranodon wyvernusTime:Late CretaceousDiet:CarnivoreTemperament:SkittishDomesticationTameable:YesRideable:YesSaddle:Pteranodon Saddle (Lvl. 35)Command:admincheat summon Ptero_Character_BP_CWild: Pteranodon wyvernus is a large pterosaur, capable of flying for incredibly long periods. While others I’ve seen on the island still call it a Pterodactyl, this is inaccurate.Domesticated: I don’t know how they did it, but I once saw a trio of Pteranodons with riders on them. […]

Dino Dossier: Meganeura (Dragonfly)

Common Name:DragonflySpecies:Meganeura quatpennaTime:Late CarboniferousDiet:CarnivoreTemperament:DocileDomesticationTameable:NoRideable:NoCommand:admincheat summon Dragonfly_Character_BP_CWild: Meganeura quatpenna is an especially large species of dragonfly. Actually, it is a type of griffinfly, an extinct species of invertebrate that looked similar to dragonflies. Like most griffinflies, Meganeura is carnivorous, but it is typically not aggressive towards humans unless provoked or challenged for food. It lives primarily in […]

Dino Dossier: Dodo

Common Name:DodoSpecies:Raphus replicareTime:Late HoloceneDiet:HerbivoreTemperament:ObliviousDomesticationTameable:YesRideable:NoCommand:admincheat summon Dodo_Character_BP_CWild: Raphus replicare (more commonly known as the Dodo Bird) is quite possibly the dumbest creature I’ve ever seen in my life. It wanders around the beaches of the island, eating berries off bushes and being eaten by all manner of carnivore. Without the Dodo the whole Island’s food chain would […]

Dino Dossier: Bat

Common Name:BatSpecies:Onychonycteris specuncolaTime:EoceneDiet:OmnivoreTemperament:AggressiveDomesticationTameable:NoRideable:NoCommand:admincheat summon Bat_Character_BP_CWild: Onychonycteris specuncola is one of the few omnivores I’ve seen on the island. They seem to live primarily off the mushrooms and moss within the caves, but they attack almost any non-insect on sight.Domesticated: Not large enough to be used as mounts, and not strong enough to carry much, Onychonycteris still […]

Dino Dossier: Argentavis

Common Name:ArgentavisSpecies:Argentavis atrocollumTime:Late MioceneDiet:Carrion FeederTemperament:AggressiveDomesticationTameable:YesRideable:YesSaddle:Argentavis Saddle (Lvl. 55)Command:admincheat summon Argent_Character_BP_CWild: Lording over the skies across the island, Argentavis atrocollum has few aerial rivals. It is a small consolation for the island’s other avian Creatures, then, that Argentavis seems to have little interest in anything alive. Although they are not interested in many animals, Argentavis will attack […]

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