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Getting the Steam ID of a Player

More and more functions in ARK Survival Evolved depend on the Steam ID (for example the list of administrators). The problem is, it’s never immediately apparent what ID you need, and what format it is supposed to have. While there’s an ingame command to get the appropriate number for online players it’s quite cumbersome for […]

Adding Server Admins

Since Patch 179.0 it’s posible to name administrators for your ARK: Survival Evolved Server. Those people are able to use administrative commands (e.g. the Cheat-Commands) without having to enter the server-password first. This short tutorial will show you how it works. Create the file \ShooterGame\Saved\AllowedCheaterSteamIDs.txt (or open the file if it already exists). Each line […]

Dino-Taming-Times Cheatsheet

Thanks to the work of reddit’s /u/Syreniac, we can now make statements about the precise times for perfect taming! See our cheatsheet (click to enlarge!). Please note that this assumes perfect taming, in practice you’ll need more time in order to hunt the animal, knock it out, …. Discuss this on reddit.   Linking etiquette […]

Linux Server Tutorial

ARK has released its linux dedicated server. This is a short tutorial on “how do i install ark dedicated server on a linux machine”. You need console access for this tutorial. So fire up your server and enter a shell of your choice. First you’ll have to download SteamCMD from Valve (Download and Installation Tutorial). […]

Dino-Whistle Commands

Patch 175.0 added a new menu for Dino-Whistle-Commands. You can access it by keeping the “T”-key pressed (or the “Whistle Follow Me”-key, should you have reassigned it).   The menu provides access to a diverse set of whistling options for your dinosaurs. Obiously they only work for tamed dinos (if you haven’t tamed one yet, […]

How to make Gasoline – Tutorial

The discovery of Gasoline is a stepping stone for any tribe. You’ll have to actually produce your fuel though, and that’s not as simple as it sounds. This short tutorial gives a step by step explanation of what to do. First of all you’re going to need Oil. You can usually find it at the […]

Engram Calculator

One big problem with the engram system is: you can never learn all engrams. The levelcap of 65 makes it impossible to obtain the required engram points. That’s why we’ve created an engram calculator. Just follow this link

Farming Tutorial

Sometimes, if you range the woods, you’ll find some precious seeds. Most people don’t know how to use them. This tutorial will help them to understand all aspects of farming. Why farming? On first sight it looks like a bad idea to farm something. You need materials, time, endurance and free space in your home. […]

How to Queue / Join a full Server

ARK being as popular as it is unfortunately also has its downsides. In particular, full offical servers. While there’s something to be said for switching to unofficial servers, that’s not always an option, particularly when you already have spent some effort on your base. Fortunately, Steam offers a built-in queueing solution for servers, saving you […]

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