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Item Spotlight: Silica Pearls

Silica Pearls are an essential item for anyone who wants to build electronics in ARK: Survival Evolved. Unfortunately, their acquisition often poses significant problems. This post gives you an overview of how to find them. How to find them The key to harvesting the pearls is to recognize them. The image to the left shows […]

Dino-Whistle Commands

Patch 175.0 added a new menu for Dino-Whistle-Commands. You can access it by keeping the “T”-key pressed (or the “Whistle Follow Me”-key, should you have reassigned it).   The menu provides access to a diverse set of whistling options for your dinosaurs. Obiously they only work for tamed dinos (if you haven’t tamed one yet, […]

How to make Gasoline – Tutorial

The discovery of Gasoline is a stepping stone for any tribe. You’ll have to actually produce your fuel though, and that’s not as simple as it sounds. This short tutorial gives a step by step explanation of what to do. First of all you’re going to need Oil. You can usually find it at the […]

Engram Calculator

One big problem with the engram system is: you can never learn all engrams. The levelcap of 65 makes it impossible to obtain the required engram points. That’s why we’ve created an engram calculator. Just follow this link

List of all announced Dinosaurs and Animals

The developers decided to implement 70 NPCs until the release in spring 2016. This is a list of officially announced dinosaurs, animals and insects. You can click on the title of a table to get to the list of the dossiers. Whenever there is written tameable, it isn´t rideable 🙂 Dinosaurs Ankylosaurus Available rideable Brontosaurus […]

How to Queue / Join a full Server

ARK being as popular as it is unfortunately also has its downsides. In particular, full offical servers. While there’s something to be said for switching to unofficial servers, that’s not always an option, particularly when you already have spent some effort on your base. Fortunately, Steam offers a built-in queueing solution for servers, saving you […]

Ranged Weapon Damage comparison

A short comparison of the damage of ranged weapons Spear (thrown): 80 Slingshot: 14 Flare Gun: No damage, blinds Bow: Stone arrow: 15 Tranquilized arrow: 20 Simple Pistol: 80 Longneck: 220 Shotgun: Depends on distance (1m: 160, 8m: 30) Fabricated Pistol: 35 Assault Rifle: 40 per shot Auto Turret: 50 per shot  

Careful: Items can get lost in your Inventory

Once you start to craft large amounts of items, your inventory will invitably fill up. That is in and of itself not a tragedy, though certainly annoying. As it turns out, some players have had to face a much more drastic problem: Their items simply vanished. Having counted the items before, they were sure that […]

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