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ARK 2 – Release Date – Informations and more!

Since its original release on June 2, 2015, ARK: Survival Evolved has become a staple in the survival genre and has maintained its high player numbers to this day. After five paid and numerous free expansions, developer Wildcard is now getting everything in place for the sequel.

ARK 2 takes place after the events of the DLC “Genesis: Part 2” and will most likely take players to an unexplored, earth-like planet. The same planet on whose surface the clone Santiago da Costa, played by Vin Diesel, crashed at the end of the expansion.

The release date of ARK 2 has been postponed to 2023. This is confirmed by a new trailer, which premiered at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022. Like the first part, ARK 2 will initially be released in an Early Access version on Steam.

Is this going to be a story game?

Even if the developers use Vin Diesel’s star power for a story about Santiago, his daughter Meeka, broken promises, deception and lots of dinosaurs, ARK 2 remains true to its multiplayer survival roots.

You will still be able to compete or ally with other players on official and unofficial servers, tame dinosaurs and build structures. All of these aspects will be significantly improved and expanded.

For those who already want to get in the mood for the story, an animated series with 14 episodes of 30 minutes each is to be launched this year. Besides Vin Diesel, other famous actors such as Gerard Butler and Russel Crowe will lend their voices to the characters.

Dino Dossier: Fjordhawk

Common Name Fjordhawk
Species Parabuteo veðrfölnir
Time Mid-late Anthropocene
Diet Omnivore
Temperament Calculating
Tameable Yes
Rideable No - but can retrieve items!
Command admincheat summon Fjordhawk_Character_BP
  • Wild: Most of the creatures I’ve encountered here have endured thanks to their great size, strength, or ferocity. But the fjordhawk gets by on its wits and by scavenging. The bird also seems to have an almost preternatural ability to predict and avoid danger. Fjordhawks follow predators (and survivors) from on high, watching for their moment to swoop in and snatch up an easy meal.
  • Domesticated: Tamed fjordhawks are surprisingly playful, and their favorite game is fetch. Indulge your bird with this play and a bit of patience, and you’ll reap the rewards. Just point out a target, and your fjordhawk will fly off to retrieve it for you. A well-trained fjordhawk can locate injured prey and communicate its find to you.

  • Known Information: These clever birds will bond with humans as wholeheartedly as any canine or primate, in a way uniquely suited to this time and place. If you should meet with some grave misfortune, your fjordhawk will immediately fly off with as many of your belongings as it can carry. As soon as you’re respawned by the ARK, your friend will track you down and return your equipment to you!


  • Raw Meat
  • Hide

Base Stats and Calculator

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ARK:Survival Chibi Pet Item ID Cheat List

Just copy the GFI Code in admin mode 🙂 to spawn it – Have fun with your little Chibi Pets!

Image Item Name Item ID GFI Code
Chibi-Noglin Chibi-Noglin PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_BrainSlug cheat gfi PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_BrainSlug 1 1 0
Chibi-Shadowmane Chibi-Shadowmane ChibiDino_Shadowmane cheat gfi ChibiDino_Shadowmane 1 1 0
Chibi Allosaurus Chibi Allosaurus ChibiDino_Allosaurus cheat gfi ChibiDino_Allosaurus 1 1 0
Chibi Ammonite Chibi Ammonite ChibiDino_Ammonite cheat gfi ChibiDino_Ammonite 1 1 0
Chibi Ankylosaurus Chibi Ankylosaurus ChibiDino_Ankylosaurus cheat gfi ChibiDino_Ankylosaurus 1 1 0
Chibi Argentavis Chibi Argentavis ChibiDino_Argent cheat gfi ChibiDino_Argent 1 1 0
Chibi Astrocetus Chibi Astrocetus ChibiDino_Astrocetus cheat gfi ChibiDino_Astrocetus 1 1 0
Chibi Baryonyx Chibi Baryonyx ChibiDino_Baryonyx cheat gfi ChibiDino_Baryonyx 1 1 0
Chibi Basilisk Chibi Basilisk ChibiDino_Basilisk cheat gfi ChibiDino_Basilisk 1 1 0
Chibi Beelzebufo Chibi Beelzebufo ChibiDino_Beelzebufo cheat gfi ChibiDino_Beelzebufo 1 1 0
Chibi Brontosaurus Chibi Brontosaurus PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_Bronto cheat gfi PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_Bronto 1 1 0
Chibi Bulbdog Chibi Bulbdog ChibiDino_Bulbdog cheat gfi ChibiDino_Bulbdog 1 1 0
Chibi Bunny Chibi Bunny ChibiDino_Bunny cheat gfi ChibiDino_Bunny 1 1 0
Chibi Carbonemys Chibi Carbonemys ChibiDino_Carbonemys cheat gfi ChibiDino_Carbonemys 1 1 0
Chibi Carnotaurus Chibi Carnotaurus PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_Carnotaurus cheat gfi PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_Carnotaurus 1 1 0
Chibi Castoroides Chibi Castoroides ChibiDino_Castroides cheat gfi ChibiDino_Castroides 1 1 0
Chibi Cnidaria Chibi Cnidaria ChibiDino_Cnidaria cheat gfi ChibiDino_Cnidaria 1 1 0
Chibi Daeodon Chibi Daeodon ChibiDino_Daeodon cheat gfi ChibiDino_Daeodon 1 1 0
Chibi Direbear Chibi Direbear ChibiDino_Direbear cheat gfi ChibiDino_Direbear 1 1 0
Chibi Direwolf Chibi Direwolf ChibiDino_Direwolf cheat gfi ChibiDino_Direwolf 1 1 0
Chibi Dodo Chibi Dodo ChibiDino_Dodo cheat gfi ChibiDino_Dodo 1 1 0
Chibi Doedicurus Chibi Doedicurus ChibiDino_Doedicurus cheat gfi ChibiDino_Doedicurus 1 1 0
Chibi Equus Chibi Equus ChibiDino_Equus cheat gfi ChibiDino_Equus 1 1 0
Chibi Featherlight Chibi Featherlight ChibiDino_Featherlight cheat gfi ChibiDino_Featherlight 1 1 0
Chibi Gacha Claus Chibi Gacha Claus ChibiDino_GachaClaus cheat gfi ChibiDino_GachaClaus 1 1 0
Chibi GasBag Chibi GasBag ChibiDino_Gasbag cheat gfi ChibiDino_Gasbag 1 1 0
Chibi Giganotosaurus Chibi Giganotosaurus PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_Gigant cheat gfi PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_Gigant 1 1 0
Chibi Gigantopithecus Chibi Gigantopithecus ChibiDino_Gigantopithecus cheat gfi ChibiDino_Gigantopithecus 1 1 0
Chibi Glowtail Chibi Glowtail ChibiDino_Glowtail cheat gfi ChibiDino_Glowtail 1 1 0
Chibi Griffin Chibi Griffin ChibiDino_Griffin cheat gfi ChibiDino_Griffin 1 1 0
Chibi Iguanodon Chibi Iguanodon ChibiDino_Iguanodon cheat gfi ChibiDino_Iguanodon 1 1 0
Chibi Karkinos Chibi Karkinos ChibiDino_Karkinos cheat gfi ChibiDino_Karkinos 1 1 0
Chibi Kentrosaurus Chibi Kentrosaurus ChibiDino_Kentrosaurus cheat gfi ChibiDino_Kentrosaurus 1 1 0
Chibi Mammoth Chibi Mammoth ChibiDino_Mammoth cheat gfi ChibiDino_Mammoth 1 1 0
Chibi Managarmr Chibi Managarmr ChibiDino_Managarmr cheat gfi ChibiDino_Managarmr 1 1 0
Chibi Manta Chibi Manta ChibiDino_Manta cheat gfi ChibiDino_Manta 1 1 0
Chibi Megalania Chibi Megalania ChibiDino_Megalania cheat gfi ChibiDino_Megalania 1 1 0
Chibi Megaloceros Chibi Megaloceros ChibiDino_Megaloceros cheat gfi ChibiDino_Megaloceros 1 1 0
Chibi Megalodon Chibi Megalodon ChibiDino_Megalodon cheat gfi ChibiDino_Megalodon 1 1 0
Chibi Megatherium Chibi Megatherium ChibiDino_Megatherium cheat gfi ChibiDino_Megatherium 1 1 0
Chibi Moschops Chibi Moschops ChibiDino_Moschops cheat gfi ChibiDino_Moschops 1 1 0
Chibi Noglin Chibi Noglin PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_BrainSlug cheat gfi PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_BrainSlug 1 1 0
Chibi Oviraptor Chibi Oviraptor ChibiDino_Oviraptor cheat gfi ChibiDino_Oviraptor 1 1 0
Chibi Ovis Chibi Ovis ChibiDino_Sheep cheat gfi ChibiDino_Sheep 1 1 0
Chibi Pair-o-Saurs Chibi Pair-o-Saurs ChibiDino_Pairosaurs_VDay cheat gfi ChibiDino_Pairosaurs_VDay 1 1 0
Chibi Paraceratherium Chibi Paraceratherium ChibiDino_Paraceratherium cheat gfi ChibiDino_Paraceratherium 1 1 0
Chibi Parasaurolophus Chibi Parasaurolophus ChibiDino_Parasaur cheat gfi ChibiDino_Parasaur 1 1 0
Chibi Party Rex Chibi Party Rex ChibiDino_PartyRex cheat gfi ChibiDino_PartyRex 1 1 0
Chibi Phiomia Chibi Phiomia ChibiDino_Phiomia cheat gfi ChibiDino_Phiomia 1 1 0
Chibi Phoenix Chibi Phoenix ChibiDino_Phoenix cheat gfi ChibiDino_Phoenix 1 1 0
Chibi Plesiosaur Chibi Plesiosaur ChibiDino_Plesiosaur cheat gfi ChibiDino_Plesiosaur 1 1 0
Chibi Procoptodon Chibi Procoptodon ChibiDino_Procoptodon cheat gfi ChibiDino_Procoptodon 1 1 0
Chibi Pteranodon Chibi Pteranodon ChibiDino_Pteranodon cheat gfi ChibiDino_Pteranodon 1 1 0
Chibi Pulmonoscorpius Chibi Pulmonoscorpius ChibiDino_Pulmonoscorpius cheat gfi ChibiDino_Pulmonoscorpius 1 1 0
Chibi Quetzalcoatlus Chibi Quetzalcoatlus PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_Quetzal cheat gfi PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_Quetzal 1 1 0
Chibi Raptor Chibi Raptor PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_Raptor cheat gfi PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_Raptor 1 1 0
Chibi Reaper Chibi Reaper ChibiDino_Reaper cheat gfi ChibiDino_Reaper 1 1 0
Chibi Reindeer Chibi Reindeer ChibiDino_Reindeer cheat gfi ChibiDino_Reindeer 1 1 0
Chibi Rex Chibi Rex PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_Rex cheat gfi PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_Rex 1 1 0
Chibi Rock Drake Chibi Rock Drake ChibiDino_RockDrake cheat gfi ChibiDino_RockDrake 1 1 0
Chibi Rock Golem Chibi Rock Golem ChibiDino_RockGolem cheat gfi ChibiDino_RockGolem 1 1 0
Chibi Roll Rat Chibi Roll Rat ChibiDino_MoleRat cheat gfi ChibiDino_MoleRat 1 1 0
Chibi Sabertooth Chibi Sabertooth ChibiDino_Saber cheat gfi ChibiDino_Saber 1 1 0
Chibi Sarco Chibi Sarco ChibiDino_Sarco cheat gfi ChibiDino_Sarco 1 1 0
Chibi Seeker Chibi Seeker ChibiDino_Seeker cheat gfi ChibiDino_Seeker 1 1 0
Chibi Shinehorn Chibi Shinehorn ChibiDino_Shinehorn cheat gfi ChibiDino_Shinehorn 1 1 0
Chibi Skeletal Brontosaurus Chibi Skeletal Brontosaurus ChibiDino_Bronto_Bone cheat gfi ChibiDino_Bronto_Bone 1 1 0
Chibi Skeletal Carno Chibi Skeletal Carno ChibiDino_Carnotaurus_Bone cheat gfi ChibiDino_Carnotaurus_Bone 1 1 0
Chibi Skeletal Giganotosaurus Chibi Skeletal Giganotosaurus ChibiDino_Gigant_Bone cheat gfi ChibiDino_Gigant_Bone 1 1 0
Chibi Skeletal Jerboa Chibi Skeletal Jerboa ChibiDino_Jerboa_Bone cheat gfi ChibiDino_Jerboa_Bone 1 1 0
Chibi Skeletal Quetzal Chibi Skeletal Quetzal ChibiDino_Quetzal_Bone cheat gfi ChibiDino_Quetzal_Bone 1 1 0
Chibi Skeletal Raptor Chibi Skeletal Raptor ChibiDino_Raptor_Bone cheat gfi ChibiDino_Raptor_Bone 1 1 0
Chibi Skeletal Rex Chibi Skeletal Rex ChibiDino_Rex_Bone cheat gfi ChibiDino_Rex_Bone 1 1 0
Chibi Skeletal Stego Chibi Skeletal Stego ChibiDino_Stego_Bone cheat gfi ChibiDino_Stego_Bone 1 1 0
Chibi Skeletal Trike Chibi Skeletal Trike ChibiDino_Trike_Bone cheat gfi ChibiDino_Trike_Bone 1 1 0
Chibi Skeletal Wyvern Chibi Skeletal Wyvern ChibiDino_Wyvern_Bone cheat gfi ChibiDino_Wyvern_Bone 1 1 0
Chibi Snow Owl Chibi Snow Owl ChibiDino_SnowOwl cheat gfi ChibiDino_SnowOwl 1 1 0
Chibi Spinosaurus Chibi Spinosaurus ChibiDino_Spino cheat gfi ChibiDino_Spino 1 1 0
Chibi Stegosaurus Chibi Stegosaurus PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_Stego cheat gfi PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_Stego 1 1 0
Chibi Tapejara Chibi Tapejara ChibiDino_Tapejara cheat gfi ChibiDino_Tapejara 1 1 0
Chibi Terror Bird Chibi Terror Bird ChibiDino_TerrorBird cheat gfi ChibiDino_TerrorBird 1 1 0
Chibi Therizinosaurus Chibi Therizinosaurus ChibiDino_Therizino cheat gfi ChibiDino_Therizino 1 1 0
Chibi Thylacoleo Chibi Thylacoleo ChibiDino_Thylacoleo cheat gfi ChibiDino_Thylacoleo 1 1 0
Chibi Titanosaur Chibi Titanosaur ChibiDino_Titano cheat gfi ChibiDino_Titano 1 1 0
Chibi Triceratops Chibi Triceratops PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_Trike cheat gfi PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_Trike 1 1 0
Chibi Troodon Chibi Troodon ChibiDino_Troodon cheat gfi ChibiDino_Troodon 1 1 0
Chibi Tropeognathus Chibi Tropeognathus ChibiDino_Tropeognathus cheat gfi ChibiDino_Tropeognathus 1 1 0
Chibi Unicorn Chibi Unicorn ChibiDino_Unicorn cheat gfi ChibiDino_Unicorn 1 1 0
Chibi Woolly Rhino Chibi Woolly Rhino ChibiDino_WoollyRhino cheat gfi ChibiDino_WoollyRhino 1 1 0
Chibi Wyvern Chibi Wyvern PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_Wyvern cheat gfi PrimalItemSkin_ChibiDino_Wyvern 1 1 0
Chibi Yutyrannus Chibi Yutyrannus ChibiDino_Yutyrannus cheat gfi ChibiDino_Yutyrannus 1 1 0
Chibi Zombie Wyvern Chibi Zombie Wyvern ChibiDino_Wyvern_Zombie cheat gfi ChibiDino_Wyvern_Zombie 1 1 0
Chibi-Bonnet Otter Chibi-Bonnet Otter ChibiDino_OtterBonnet cheat gfi ChibiDino_OtterBonnet 1 1 0
Chibi-Broodmother Chibi-Broodmother ChibiDino_BroodMother cheat gfi ChibiDino_BroodMother 1 1 0
Chibi-Dunkleosteus Chibi-Dunkleosteus ChibiDino_Dunkleo cheat gfi ChibiDino_Dunkleo 1 1 0
Chibi-Mantis Chibi-Mantis ChibiDino_Mantis cheat gfi ChibiDino_Mantis 1 1 0
Chibi-Tusoteuthis Chibi-Tusoteuthis ChibiDino_Tuso cheat gfi ChibiDino_Tuso 1 1 0
Random Chibi Random Chibi ChibiDino_RandomCraftable cheat gfi ChibiDino_RandomCraftable 1 1 0
Chibi-Achatina Chibi-Achatina ChibiDino_Achatina cheat gfi ChibiDino_Achatina 1 1 0
Chibi-Crystal Wyvern Chibi-Crystal Wyvern ChibiDino_WyvernCrystal cheat gfi ChibiDino_WyvernCrystal 1 1 0

Winter Wonderland Ark:Survival till 6th January

All maps will receive Winter Wonderland and all its content.

RaptorClaus will be sailing across the star-filled night sky in his sleigh, dropping off presents filled with high-end loot as well as Mistletoe, and Coal for those naughty Survivors.  You’ll be able to catch RaptorClaus flying across the skies at midnight (game time) on all maps.

GachaClaus is also making a triumphant return to help RaptorClaus spread the holiday cheer! GachaClaus will be roaming all maps looking for eager recipients while sporting holiday-themed colors. He will be accepting your coal and in exchange will gift you holiday-themed items, or you can trade-in your mistletoe and coal for a chance at an animated TV Show Parasaur skin, a full-body Santa costume, new skins, weapons, armor, or 5 new Chibis!





Genesis Part II Server Transfers September 3rd

On Friday, September 3rd, it will be enabled full server transfers into Genesis Part II on the Official Servers across all platforms. Once enabled, players will be able to download items and creatures onto the map without restriction!

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