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Dino Dossier: Dodo

Common Name:DodoSpecies:Raphus replicareTime:Late HoloceneDiet:HerbivoreTemperament:ObliviousDomesticationTameable:YesRideable:NoCommand:admincheat summon Dodo_Character_BP_CWild: Raphus replicare (more commonly known as the Dodo Bird) is quite possibly the dumbest creature I’ve ever seen in my life. It wanders around the beaches of the island, eating berries off bushes and being eaten by all manner of carnivore. Without the Dodo the whole Island’s food chain would […]

Dino Dossier: Dilophosaur

Common Name:DilophosaurSpecies:Dilophosaurus sputatrixTime:Early JurassicDiet:CarnivoreTemperament:SkittishDomesticationTameable:YesRideable:NoCommand:admincheat summon Dilo_Character_BP_CWild: Dilophosaurus sputatrix is a strange creature. It stands at just over half the size of known Dilophosaurs, and runs from aggressors as often as it fights them.Domesticated: Because of their shrill cry and their ability to attack intruders from range, Dilophosaurus seem most suited as “guard dogs”. Due to their […]

Dino Dossier: Coel – Fish

Common Name:CoelacanthSpecies:Coelacanth nutritiaTime:Cretaceous-HoloceneDiet:OmnivoreTemperament:ReactiveDomesticationTameable:NoCommand:admincheat summon Coel_Character_BP_CWild: Coelacanth nutritia is one of the few creatures on the island with a relative that can be found back home. The Coelacanth lives in the waters around the island, as well as the rivers and lakes within the island. Unlike most Coelacanth, Coelacanth nutritia meat contains less oil and urea. In […]

Dino Dossier: Carnotaurus

Common Name:CarnotaurusSpecies:Carnotaurus pressorTime:Late CretaceousDiet:CarnivoreTemperament:AggressiveDomesticationTameable:YesRideable:YesSaddle:Carno Saddle (Lvl. 50)Command:admincheat summon Carno_Character_BP_CAlphacommand:admincheat summon MegaCarno_Character_BP_CWild: Carnotaurus pressor is an interesting creature that falls between medium and large predator. It lives primarily on flat clear ground, where it can capitalize on its speed. Additionally, it seems to have no qualms about running from larger predators instead of fighting.Domesticated: Carnotaurus fills a […]

Dino Dossier: Carbonemys – Turtle

Common Name:CarbonemysSpecies:Carbonemys obibimusTime:DanianDiet:HerbivoreTemperament:DefensiveDomesticationTameable:YesRideable:YesSaddle:Carbonemys Saddle (Lvl 25.)Command:admincheat summon Turtle_Character_BP_CWild: Carbonemys obibimus is one of the least aggressive creatures on the island. Were it not for the plethora of predators on the island, I’m certain it would spend its days basking in the sun, eating, or sleeping. Carbonemys leads a simple, solitary life. It seems to be one […]

Dino Dossier: Brontosaurus

Common Name:BrontosaurusSpecies:Brontosaurus lazarusTime:Late CretaceousDiet:HerbivoreTemperament:DocileDomesticationTameable:YesRideable:Yes, by multipleSaddle:Bronto Saddle (Lvl. 55)Command:admincheat summon Sauropod_Character_BP_CWild: Among the largest creatures I’ve seen on the island, Brontosaurus Lazarus is larger than any sauropod I’ve read about. In fact, the dinosaur is so massive that it ignores most other creatures.Domesticated: Because of how docile it is, Brontosaurus makes the ideal pack-animal. Peaceful tribes […]

Dino Dossier: Bat

Common Name:BatSpecies:Onychonycteris specuncolaTime:EoceneDiet:OmnivoreTemperament:AggressiveDomesticationTameable:NoRideable:NoCommand:admincheat summon Bat_Character_BP_CWild: Onychonycteris specuncola is one of the few omnivores I’ve seen on the island. They seem to live primarily off the mushrooms and moss within the caves, but they attack almost any non-insect on sight.Domesticated: Not large enough to be used as mounts, and not strong enough to carry much, Onychonycteris still […]

Dino Dossier: Argentavis

Common Name:ArgentavisSpecies:Argentavis atrocollumTime:Late MioceneDiet:Carrion FeederTemperament:AggressiveDomesticationTameable:YesRideable:YesSaddle:Argentavis Saddle (Lvl. 55)Command:admincheat summon Argent_Character_BP_CWild: Lording over the skies across the island, Argentavis atrocollum has few aerial rivals. It is a small consolation for the island’s other avian Creatures, then, that Argentavis seems to have little interest in anything alive. Although they are not interested in many animals, Argentavis will attack […]

List of all announced Dinosaurs and Animals

The developers decided to implement 70 NPCs until the release in spring 2016. This is a list of officially announced dinosaurs, animals and insects. You can click on the title of a table to get to the list of the dossiers. Whenever there is written tameable, it isn´t rideable 🙂 Dinosaurs Ankylosaurus Available rideable Brontosaurus […]

Dino Dossier: Ankylosaurus

Common Name:AnkylosaurusSpecies:Ankylosaurus crassacutisTime:Late CretaceousDiet:HerbivoreTemperament:DocileDomesticationTameable:YesRideable:YesSaddle:Ankylo Saddle (Lvl. 40)Command:admincheat summon Ankylo_Character_BP_C Wild: Unlike many of the herd animals on the island, Ankylosaurus crassacutis tends to live in small family units. I believe they can afford to stick with smaller groups because of their incredibly thick skin for which they’re named.Domesticated: Without a doubt, the best trait of a trained […]

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