ARK: Survival Evolved

Instructions for perfect breeding & basic informations on babies

You know from the previous Tutorial “How to get Babies in ARK”  how to get Fertilized Eggs and how you can incubate them, but why  should you do this? Here you get some basic informations, how the Stat-Values of the Baby are produced and what color  the Baby will get.

The Parents don’t have to be “in-Tribe” to mate, they just have to be non-aggressed and tamed and in proximity. So a Tribe could loan out their prized breeding dinos, and both Tribes split the resulting eggs, etc.

Babies are unclaimed initially, so you should “Imprint” on them to claim them after birth. Babies initially have extremely low health and carrying capacity and food, so you need to carefully feed and take care of them in their first moments of life, or they’ll soon die. They dynamically can carry more, gain more HP, and food capacity, as they mature over time.  They have a maturation progress bar on their HUD, which they grow in real-time:

 Babies < 10% < Juvenile < 50% < Adolescent < 100% Mature

And oh yeah the younger a baby is, the corresponding less resources it gives if u harvest it, but the more chance of prime meat you get. Newborns are pretty much guaranteed to give a couple primes >:D

Sooo… now we get to the interesting part:

How does the baby get the Stats-Values?

The Baby’s base stats are a random combination of its parents’ base (original pre-tamed) stats, and so are its colors. The better base stat will be chosen with a probability of 70%.

Example: Baby with 2 Max-Base-Stats-Values:

Triceratops Male

HP Max Value
Stamina a
Attack Damage b
Inventory Weight c

Triceratops Female

HP d
Stamina Max Value
Attack Damage e
Inventory Weight f



possible Triceratops Baby (chance 49%)

HP Max Value
Stamina Max Value
Attack Damage b or e
Inventory Weight c or f


This Baby can now mate (once grown) with another Triceratops with max Attack Damage and max Inventory Weight to breed for a Baby with 4 max Base-Stats with a chance of 24%.

By using this selective breeding, you can breed out the stats you don’t want, breed in the ones you do, and eventually with enough effort, breed a complete max-base-statted Uber-Dino… and let the world shudder!

Source: Drake on Steam

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