Dino Dossier: Triceratops

Common Name: Triceratops
Species: Triceratops styrax
Time: Late Cretaceous
Diet: Herbivore
Temperament: Short-Tempered
Tameable: Yes
Rideable: Yes
Saddle: Trike Saddle (Lvl. 20)
Command: admincheat summon Trike_Character_BP_C
  • Wild: Apparently a cross-breed of a Triceratops and Styracosaurus, Triceratops styrax has both the characteristic three-horned face of Triceratops and the prominent horned-ridge of Styracosarus.
  • Domesticated: A common mount for those that ride dinosaurs, Triceratops doubles as both pack animal and combat war horse.
  • Known Information:Normally a very docile grazing animal, Triceratops becomes extremely aggressive once angered. Triceratops will chase down would-be predators (and egg-stealers) with incredible prejudice. Triceratops bony ridge is very effective as cover from frontal attack, and the creature's charge is incredibly dangerous. I've seen Triceratops have an especially hostile reaction to the Tyrannosaurus on the island, with herds attacking in groups.


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  • Keratin
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