ARK: Survival Evolved

Dyeing Tutorial

This short tutorial explains the dyeing process in ARK: Survival Evolved. It will tell you about the crafting and mixing of colors and explain how to apply them.

Producing Dye

Before you can actually dye your clothes, you’ll have to produce dye. Its base ingredients are berries (their color will determine the colour of the product). You also need some water.Put the water and the berries into the inventory of a cooking pot and ensure that there’s some fuel too. Ignite the fire below the pot (key “E”), and wait a short time. The dye will now appear in the cooking pot’s inventory.

Dyeing items

To actually dye an item you have to drag the dye onto the item inside your inventory. If it’s possible to dye that kind of item, a dialouge window will open. In it, please select the appropriate region. After a click on “Dye now” your garment will be dyed, and the neccessary pigments removed from your inventory.

Advanced: Mixing colors

ARK: Survial Evolved knows the following basic colors:

Blue Red Black Yellow White
Azulberry Tintoberry Narcoberry Amarberry Stemberry

As far as we know, the following recipes exist:

If you find any other recipes, please comment below! We’ll add them to this article as soon as possible.

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