ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK Steampunk Mod


Dr Oswald invented some crazy blueprints and you can get them with this mod!

You can find following stuff and a lot more:

7 different copper wall pieces
3 different copper foundations (one of which lights up)
3 different ceiling parts
6 different sets of lights
Various other Building parts(Stairs included)
2 Beautiful canopies
A Gazebo(in case someone wants to get married)
Automatic doors and dinos gates
Behemoth Gate and walls(oh my)
A fancy Bed
Dr. Oswald’s Statue (of course)

A copper generator and fridge(Icebox) which are fueled by water(Steam)
A Metal Blast Forge, Copper Forge and Smoker, which are fueled by coal
A Copper Grinder and Hot Air Balloon which are powered by gasoline
Automatic Drills fueled by gunpowder(Don’t forget the bits!)
Dr. Oswald’s famous Teleporter

One of Oswald’s Armor sets, each piece having a different buff



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