ARK: Survival Evolved patch 174.11 – Patchnotes

(Click here for the patchnotes of the previous ARK: Survival Evolved patch 174.11.)

These are the changes of ARK: Survival Evolved’s Patch 174.11. If not otherwise indicated, they’re quoted from the relevant Steam Thread.

  • Lessened rate of torpidity recovery (relative to max torpidity) for wild unconscious dinos (server-side change), and increased its speed recovery for Tamed Dinos! Win-Win 🙂

(Original announcement on Steam)

ARK: Survival Evolved patch 174.1 – Patchnotes

These are the changes of ARK: Survival Evolved patch 174.1. If not otherwise indicated, they’re quoted from their respective Steam thread.

  • Fixed female Saber riding anims
  • Low chance to get metal from ALL non-metallic rocks, albeit more commonly from smooth river-rocks. And better with picks, of course. (this will not take effect on Official Servers until they are upgraded to 174.1 overnight)
  • Reduced explosions damage onto metal structures by 50%. (this will not take effect on Official Servers until they are upgraded to 174.1 overnight)
  • Increased piranha turn rate.


(Original Announcement on Steam)

Click here for the Patchnotes of the previous patch 174.0, and here for those of the next patch 174.11.

Ranged Weapon Damage comparison

A short comparison of the damage of ranged weapons

Spear (thrown):
Flare Gun:
No damage, blinds
Stone arrow: 15
Tranquilized arrow: 20
Simple Pistol:
Depends on distance (1m: 160, 8m: 30)
Fabricated Pistol:
Assault Rifle:
40 per shot
Auto Turret:
50 per shot


ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 174.0 – Patchnotes

These are the changes of ARK: Survival Evolved’s Patch 174.0, grouped by categories for clarity. If not otherwise indicated, they’re quoted from the relevant Steam Thread.

Modified Items / Structures

  • Fix for Gas Consumption Rate (30x improvement)
  • Armor durability rebalancing (~3x durability)
  • Tripled the metal content of metal and rich-metal rocks
  • Re-added a small chance to get metal from river-rocks. Thanks for the feedback everyone, it makes sense to provide an alternate less-intense progression path 😉
  • Made Smithies and other containers automatically have the necessary engrams when new engrams are added, rather than having them be rebuilt

Modified Game Mechanics

  • Increased level cap to 70
  • Raised Max Tamed Dino Level Additions to 38
  • Raised Max Player Level to 64, providing 120 additional Engram Points
  • Increased effectiveness of temperature insulation by 20%
  • Fixed a bad damage multiplier for explosives on Wood structures (like several times too strong :-P)
  • Cloth now adds positive hyperthermic insulation, all other armors currently add negative hyperthermic insulation but now scaled more appropriately. Swimwear coming to add more positive hyperthermic insulation!

Changes related to Dinos

  • Fix for Flyer Stamina (!)
  • Prevented tamed dinos from drowning so easily
  • Dino Knocked-Out state will now hold until the Dino’s Torpor reaches 0%, previously they could exit earlier. However, their Torpor will decrease more quickly based on how much their maximum Torpor level is so that higher-level Dinos are naturally more difficult to keep knocked-out.
  • Non-water Dinos will now attempt to swim to the surface and not drown 🙂
  • Mid-size dinos (less than Rex, such as Stego etc) now properly fit thru the Dino Gate. For large-tier dinos you need still a Mega Gate, of course.
  • Adjusted Spawn Rates: Piranhas more common on insland lakes/rivers (they were missing primarily), Carnos less common everywhere, Spinos less common everywhere
  • Reduced Spino overland run & walk speeds by 25%

Client Features

  • Made it clear via description that the Food Preservation Bin requires Sparkpowder to preserve food, and that it can also create Beef Jerky.
  • Added Option to disable Torpor screen flash (purple flash)
  • Bronto saddle can now be equipped properly 🙂
  • Fixed armor insulation values & UI display (wasn’t displaying hyperthermic insulation properly)

Server Changes

  • Changed autodestruct in PvE structures to 18 days, and made it so that rather than automatically demolishing itself, the structure then gives the option for anyone to demolish it via radial menu.

Client Bugfixes

  • Fixed LOD’s on dino gates and other assets
  • Fixed crafting table requirements on a number of items, to now display their proper crafting table in the Engram UI (i.e. now it says that a Smithy is required to craft a Spinosaurus Saddle)

(Original Announcement on Steam)

Dyeing Tutorial

This short tutorial explains the dyeing process in ARK: Survival Evolved. It will tell you about the crafting and mixing of colors and explain how to apply them.

Producing Dye

Before you can actually dye your clothes, you’ll have to produce dye. Its base ingredients are berries (their color will determine the colour of the product). You also need some water.ark survivial dye cookingPut the water and the berries into the inventory of a cooking pot and ensure that there’s some fuel too. Ignite the fire below the pot (key “E”), and wait a short time. The dye will now appear in the cooking pot’s inventory.

Dyeing items

ark survival dye dialog

To actually dye an item you have to drag the dye onto the item inside your inventory. If it’s possible to dye that kind of item, a dialouge window will open. In it, please select the appropriate region. After a click on “Dye now” your garment will be dyed, and the neccessary pigments removed from your inventory.

Advanced: Mixing colors

ARK: Survial Evolved knows the following basic colors:

Blue Red Black Yellow White
Azulberry Tintoberry Narcoberry Amarberry Stemberry

As far as we know, the following recipes exist:

  • 9 Azulberries (Blue) + 9 Tintoberries (Red) = Purple
  • 9 Azulberries (Blue) + 9 Amarberries (Yellow) = Green
  • 9 Tintoberries (Red) + 9 Amarberries (Yellow) = Orange

If you find any other recipes, please comment below! We’ll add them to this article as soon as possible.

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 173.0 – Patchnotes

These are the changes of ARK: Survival Evolved’s Patch 173.0, grouped by categories for clarity. If not otherwise indicated, they’re quoted from the relevant Steam Thread.

New Items / Structures

– Spinosaurus! Fear the beast!
– New Structures: Spike Wall (great for defending against incoming tribe dino attacks) and Food Preservation Bin items, and Beef Jerky!!! (Sparkpowder+Oil+Cooked Meat or Cooked Prime Meat+hour wait == SUPER LONG LASTING FOOOOOD!)
– Added Rich Metal and Regular Metal Mountain Rocks
– Rare Limited-Edition Cosmetic Item Skin drops: Nerdry’s Glasses (from the bellies of Dilo’s) and Rex Bone Helmet

Modified Items / Structures

– You and dinos can attack when no stamina now, however doing so will increase your torpidity
– Grenades rebalanced, ~60% damage reduction vs structures and now also require oil to craft
– Metal Tools’ durabilities fixed
– Upped bullet damages by about 20%

Modifications related to Dinos

– Land dinos now lose stamina when swimming while mounted, Amphibious dinos (turtle, sarco, etc) now regain stamina much more quickly in water
– Pteras now land better when out of stamina, won’t eject you as soon
– Broodmother will now give Dossier and Steam Achievement correctly when defeated
– Base Carno damage buffed from 30 to 50, base Rex damage buffed from 50 to 80
– Rate of health recovery from mounts consuming corpses or trees is reduced (was previously essentially granting mounts nearly instant health recovery)

Client Features

– After login you now get a message indicating how you died if your character was killed when you were logged out (needs more details added)
– Slight purple overlay when torpidity is increasing
– Character bodytype presets
– “Find Mods” button added to Host Game Menu
– Fixed bug where Generator with cables attached could not get its inventory accessed
– Realtime time and current map now indicated on pause menu
– Downloading mods at the Host Game screen now indicates download progress, mods that have been updated on Steam Workshop will now redownload
– You can now set the temperature scale to Fahrenheit in the Options menu
– Your current Biome/Temperature now updates correctly when riding a mount
– “Transfer Tribe Ownership” button is now clickable properly

Server Features

– PvE structures that haven’t had a Tribe/Creator nearby in one week are now auto demolished. Can be disabled on player-run servers.
– Structure Limit now configurable for player-run servers
– Non-Tribe Flyer Carrying now an option for PvE servers

Server Fixes

– Spoiling timer exploits fixed
– Various ways to teleport into people’s houses seemingly fixed
– Unconscious dinos being tamed no longer can be harmed by non-tribe players in PvE
– Tribe ID’s and Player ID’s are now guaranteed to be unique. Should eliminate future cases of player/tribe body snatchers.


– General GPU optimizations plus new graphics configuration options: Mesh LOD slider, High Quality Materials checkbox (disabling this and restarting will have tremendous perf savings at the cost of less detailed terrain materials), Subsurface Scattering Checkbox (disabling this will make plants and skin material look a little less good, but also save a lot of perf)


(Original Announcement on Steam)

Linux and Mac Client to arrive on June 25th

Today, in the fifth issue of the “ARK Digest”-Series, representatives from Studio Wildcard confirmed the release date for the Linux and Mac Clients to their game.

Previously asked about the matter by fans, developer /u/jatonreddit now confirmed:

Yes! We’re excited to announce that we can finally confirm the release date of the Mac and Linux client to be the 25th of June! We can’t wait to see our buddies from other platforms join us on the ARK! Hopefully you’ve all kept in touch and informed via the announcement page and you’re ready to begin your journey ?

Careful: Items can get lost in your Inventory

Once you start to craft large amounts of items, your inventory will invitably fill up. That is in and of itself not a tragedy, though certainly annoying. As it turns out, some players have had to face a much more drastic problem: Their items simply vanished. Having counted the items before, they were sure that they had everything in their inventory when they started. But it wasn’t there anymore!

Now, it is not impossible to misplace something once in a while, and yet, the more often this happens in-game the more suspicious one gets. Are there thieves at work? One wouldn’t have put it past the developers to add the elves from the Shoemakers Tale into the game. Unfortunately though, the end-products were missing too.

This prompted a reddit user to investigate, and his findings are truly enlightening (and should certainly put some minds at ease):

The inventory has a hidden limit of 146 slots. If you use put any more than that into it, it will delete those items!

So keep that in mind or you risk losing the items you have worked so hard for. So far there hasn’t been a comment from the developers on the matter, however the general consent is that this, in its current form, is a bug and not a feature.

How many people are playing Ark

I dont know why so many people want to know this, but because ARK is a Steam Game, it’s pretty easy to get the information how many people are currently playing the game.

You can just visit the page “SteamCharts”: Link

how many people are playing ark - ark stats

Currently (June, 9th) there are ~65.000 Players playing the game. But this number alone is not really meaningful, if you don’t compare it to other games. So let us compare ARK with Team Fortress 2: Link.

how many people are playing ark - tf stats

There are currently 67.000 Players playing team fortress 2. The interesting point is the all time peak. The peak of people playing TF2 was 117.000 Players. ARKs playerbase is rising every day. So it’s pretty likely, that ARK will get more players than TF2 – albeit being in ALPHA (Early Access) and as a paid game (TF2 is Free 2 Play).

It looks like ARK is a huge success. Let’s hope it gets even better. 😉


how many people are playing ark - compare

“Cheat” items

A short tutorial for giving yourself items, as long as you’re an admin 😉

Log in with your password:
enablecheats passwort

Use the following command
admincheat giveitemnum 1 1 1 false

The first number is the itemid. You can use this list to lookup the items
The second number is the stack amount
The third number is the quality of the item

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