Item Spotlight: Industrial Grill

While the cooking pot satisfies the most basic culinary needs, it’s inadequate for anything beyond that. Be it cooking for spoiled pets, or processing the results of a little walk outside with the sabretooth, chances are a single cooking pot won’t be sufficient to process everything in time. And handling many of them at once is far too cumbersome to be practical.

The new Industrial Multi-Grill is the solution to all these problems. It allows you to cook masses of meat efficiently. Instead of cooking one item after another, they’re handled in bulk (12 items at a time). Also it simply looks great, and hence makes for an excellent addition to the outdoor part of any base.

Its impressive size comes at a price however. Unlike its more primitive variant, the Industrial Grill runs only on Gasoline. The usage is exactly like that of the normal cooking pot, but keep in mind that you’ll have to build a foundation below the Industrial Grill.

Recipe (to be used in the Refining Forge)

  • 200 Metal Ingots
  • 30 Crystal
  • 40 Cementing Paste
  • 40 Oil

Also check out the other new items that came with the Patch 186.0: Traps and the Omni Lamp.

Item Spotlight: Omni Lamp Post

omni_lamp_postARK is a game that undoubtedly appeals to people with a dislike for light-pollution. It’s dark at night. Emphatically so. While that undoubtedly makes for an excellent environment to do some romantic star-gazing, its comfort is somewhat lessened by the fact that potential death is looming behind every corner. Unfortunately lighting a torch won’t help that much either. Standing torches require a constant supply of fuel, which has to be refilled often, and don’t light a particularly large radius.

This is where the “Omni Lamp Post” comes in. It draws its power from the electrical grid, which means it doesn’t need permanent refills. As with real electricity, it’s much more convenient to have one generator in a central location to supply all of the equipment with power, instead of having to refuel twenty different gadgets at twenty different places.

Its usage is trivial. You can turn it on and off by pressing the “E”-key (and thus interacting with it). It needs to be connected to your electricity grid with cable, and illuminates its surroundings with a fluorescent white light. At the moment you can attach as many lamps as you wish to your generator, since they won’t increase its fuel consumption.

To craft it, use the following Recipe in the Fabricator:

  • 5 Metal Ingots
  • 10 Crystal
  • 2 Electronics

Also check out the other new items that came with the Patch 186.0: Traps and the Industrial Grill.

Dino Dossier: Dimorphodon

Common Name: Dimorphodon
Species: Dimorphodon equesica
Time: Early Jurassic
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Reactive
Tameable: Yes
Rideable: No
Command: admincheat summon Dimorph_Character_BP_C
  • Wild: Dimorphodon Equesica is another of the island's Jekyll-and-Hyde creatures. It is normally passive, sometimes even friendly. When provoked, it becomes very aggressive, even against larger creatures it has no business fighting... often to its own fatal end. Dimorphodon can make short work of smaller opponents, however, due to its large (but lightweight) skull and teeth.

  • Domesticated: Dimorphodon is one of the creatures on the island that is easily domesticated for companionship. But its use in combat is also quite clear: it will hunt in large groups to seek out enemy dino riders directly, harrassing them to no end -- regardless of the might of the mount upon they may be astride!

  • Known Information: Barely a meter tall, Dimorphodon should be low on the food chain, but its incredible speed and surprisingly strong bite makes it fairly dangerous, especially en masse as they tend to attack in groups. A flock of angry or hungry Dimorphodon can take down prey several times their size, so survivors should take care not to hunt near where a flock is gathered.


  • Raw Meat
  • Hide

Base Stats and Calculator

Level Base + Lvl =

Check Dimorphodon in Taming Calculator

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 186.0 – Patchnotes

These are the changes of ARK: Survival Evolved’s Patch 186.0, grouped into categories for clarity. If not otherwise indicated, they’re quoted from the relevant Steam Thread. We’ve also added some links to our Item Spotlights on the new items.

New Items / New Structures

Game Changes

  • Max Level increased by 4 for Players and Dinos
  • Configurable Low/Medium/Far Targeting & Wander Range for Pets
  • Customizable Bandwidth setting for players to choose a bandwidth appropriate to their own connection. Can further improve structure-streaming speed, if you have sufficient bandwidth to handle it as a client. (Can also eliminate any remaining DC’s if you reduce it and you’re on a lower bandwidth connection.)
  • Destroying a Behemoth Gate Frame will now also destroy the Behemoth Gate within it
  • Missed This: Raw Prime Meat is now 1/3rd as fast as it was previously to tame (it’s equivalent to Raw Meat) — but same Affinity. Kibble is 1/2 as fast as Raw Prime Meat was previously to tame. We will be adjusting these back to more-or-less their previous speeds in our next major Update.
  • You can now equip the Spyglass while riding on a dino. Note that doing so will always zoom-in with it (since we don’t want to steal the Right Mouse Button input); simply unequip it to stop zooming.
  • Server Hosts can now configure per-DinoClass Wild & Tamed Health and Damage Multipliers in their INI (nerf those flyers in Primitive!), and these apply dynamically

UI Changes

  • Current Day # & Time is now displayed on the Spawn/Character Creation UI


  • Improved AMD Shadow flickering fix
  • Dino Stats are now retained properly when uploading/downloading across maps
  • Fixed a bug where Wild Dinos were not naturally recovering their Torpor over time
  • Fixed an infinite-oxygen-underwater exploit.
  • Fixed a case where by swimming at a certain angle you could almost completely avoid losing stamina
  • Attacking when in water while riding no longer causes a movement de-sync
  • Fixed amphibious stamina recovery while in water, now it’s very fast as intended.
  • Fixed the Enchanted Lake Of Wonders… well, the lake that was missing water physics, more specifically 😉
  • Hopeful fix for players/dinos after load falling thru floors
  • Fixed water tank water not saving properly
  • Fixed tamed dino level bonuses not holding when taming across save games, and speed getting messed up, and Auto XP not applying

(Original Announcement on Steam)

Here are the patchnotes of the previous patch (185.62)

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 185.62 – Patchnotes

These are the changes of ARK: Survival Evolved’s Patch 185.62, grouped into categories for clarity. If not otherwise indicated, they’re quoted from the relevant Steam Thread.

Game Changes

  • Increased timeout on clients to reduce DC’s from server
  • Made client movement on structures much better in sync with the server (requires server update), and fixed wrong-rotation of characters when walking on certain structures


  • Fixed an issue with server saving that could cause mass DC’s
  • Fixed duplicate lines of chat returned in RCON “getchat” command

(Original Announcement on Steam)

Here are the patchnotes of the previous patch (185.5)

Mod Spotlight: ARKon – A graphical RCON client for ARK: Survival Evolved

Mod Spotlights are a new series where we look at cool tools and mods made by members of the community. If possible, we also ask them about their visions for their projects.

ARK recently added RCON support to its server software. However, many users are not particularly fond of the prospect of having to remember all sorts of console commands just to manage their server remotely. Most existing client software is also not specific to ARK. Community member Henry Garle fixed that! Primed with previous knowledge from developing similar tools for the game Rust, he created ARKon, a graphical RCON client.


As you can immediately see, it offers all the comforts of the in-game server manager. Especially if you’re managing multiple servers, that alone is worth its weight in gold. Simply enter your connection information under “Settings”, click on “Connect” and you’re ready to go.

Thanks to the intuitive graphical interface, you don’t have to have a glossary handy to administrate your server. For example, banning a player is as simple as clicking on his name in the player-list and pressing the “Ban”-button. Not only does that make for better dramatic effect, it’s also much more convenient than entering at least two different commands to achieve the same result.

Its impressive set of advanced features should also convince the console-aficionados to give it a chance. The built-in connection info manager makes managing many different servers a matter of simply choosing where you want to go, and a menu for scripted commands allows you to enter a series of commands for reuse. Better still, they can be set to execute in set intervals or on start-up of the application. Those functions will save power users a lot of work in the long term.

We got together with Henry and asked him about his visions for ARKon.

Q: Is there anything particularly innovative about the tool you want to highlight? The scripting-menu is something that seems to set it apart from other tools.
Henry: I think that is the main differentiator at the moment. I have a lot more plans for things I’d love to do, expanding the scripted commands to be more like scripts is one thing that might come up soon, so you can rather than just execute once put in things like delays etc, so you can have it send shutdown messages then restart the server, that kind of thing


Q: What are your plans for the future of the tool? Are there any features that you wish to include but aren’t possible yet?
Henry: The dev’s have hinted at greater support in the future, things like a live feed detailing kills, deaths and other interesting features. That and expanding the current RCON command list to include the other ingame ones such as giving items and teleporting which would be really good fun to get into the tool. Very much looking forward to adding features as ARK’s capabilities expand 🙂


Q: I understand the tool is currently Windows-Only. Do you have plans to add Linux/Mac support?
Henry: I’d love to in the future but as it is written using C# and WPF its not directly portable its self. I am planning on expanding the features of the web client to match that of the desktop client so there is a half way house in the short term which gives Linux/Mac users a usable client

ARKon is available for Download in this thread in the Steam Forums.

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 185.5 – Patchnotes

These are the changes of ARK: Survival Evolved’s Patch 185.5, grouped into categories for clarity. If not otherwise indicated, they’re quoted from the relevant Steam Thread.

Official Servers

  • Official Servers Upgraded to Difficulty 3.0.


  • Unversioned Hotfix: Fixed a Client startup crash, Fixed Linux Server startup crash
  • About +30% server performance gain
  • Fixed the fix: Max height of structures above the ground is now 25,000 units. Previously was 15,000 units.

(Original Announcement on Steam)

Here are the patchnotes of the previous patch (185.4)

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 185.4 – Patchnotes

These are the changes of ARK: Survival Evolved’s Patch 185.4, grouped into categories for clarity. If not otherwise indicated, they’re quoted from the relevant Steam Thread.

Game Changes

  • Mods will now download dynamically upon connection even if you connect to a server directly thru the Steam Client
  • All Chat is now logged to RCON
  • Max height of structures above the ground is now 25,000 units. Previously was 15,000 units.


  • Fix for AMD GPU shadow flickering (partial… can still flicker but far less frequently. full fix is coming this weekend)
  • Eliminated issue where large amounts of structures could cause client disconnection or bandwidth starvation (mega lag)
  • Mods will now load properly on clients launched with commandlines (such as -nomansky)
  • Fixed some more Admin UI crashes 😉


  • Approximate 10% Dedicated Server Performance gain
  • Approximate 80% faster savegame load speed
  • Reduced client hitching around large structures
  • Improved client physx performance onto large structures

(Original Announcement on Steam)

Here are the patchnotes of the previous patch (185.3)

Dino Dossier: Dunkleosteus

A new Dinosaur has been announced. The Dunkleosteus is a tough fish which can be used for mining as well as protection.

Common Name: Dunkleosteus
Species: Dunkleosteus Loricaruptor
Time: Late Devonian
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Aggressive
Tameable: Yes
Rideable: Yes
  • Wild: Dunkleostus Loricaruptor is a very strange creature. It is a fairly large fish, covered head to tail in armored plates, with incredibly powerful jaws. It tends to eat the islands' water-dwelling crustaceans, as it not fast enough to catch most of the smaller fish.
  • Domesticated: Dunkleosteus is an incredibly useful fish for coastal communities. Its powerful jaws make short work of the stone and oil formations found throughout the oceanic depths. While harvesting, Dunkleosteus can handily defend its rider from all but the largest threats in the waters. And once past its prime, the Dunkleosteus can be harvested for a fair amount of Chitin.
  • Known Information: Dunkleosteus is a surprisingly combat-oriented for a fish. Its well-armored body protects it from many creatures, while its bite is strong enough to easily crush through chitinous shells.


  • Raw Meat

Base Stats and Calculator

Level Base + Lvl =

Check Dunkleosteus in Taming Calculator

ARK Digest #9 Summary – Industrial Grills, Offline Raiding, New Bows and more

It’s Barbecue Time! At least that’s what the latest ARK Digest would have us believe. Confronted with the question of whether there was a better cooking-device coming up, community manager Jat announced the “Industrial Grill”. It will allow us to “cook meat much quicker and at a larger scale” and is due to arrive later this week.

Dino Dossiers

Another question that many of us had pondered about was also answered: With all those dino-dossier releases, when will the dinos actually be released in the game? Jat pointed out that their goal was to release a Dino every one and a half to two weeks. That means that all the creatures which were announced until now will be released before the end of this year.

Primitive Only Servers

As many of you might already have noticed (and those who read the patch-notes here will already know), there are now primitive-only servers. On those, you’ll have to play ARK without the comforts of modern technology. Saddles and Metal Tools are the most sophisticated tools available there.


One of the common themes to many of the answers in the current digest-feature was the extension of archery. We’ve already given you an overview of the developments around the composite bow, and how it’s not to be confused with compound bows. Now there’s going to be another variant: The Underwater Crossbow. Due to arrive next week, it will be a great alternative to hunting with spears. While we’re at it, one feature that’ll certainly let the heart of any archery-fan beat higher, and that’s shooting from dinosaurs. Thanks to the upcoming building-on-dinos feature, you’ll be able to have an entire squad of archers on the back of a Brontosaurus wrecking havoc on anyone below. Isn’t that awesome? (And yes, that’s an open invitation for any of you artists reading this to paint that scene!)

Painting and Breeding

Though, come to think of it, there’s one thing missing here. This already hilarious situation would certainly benefit from an oddly-coloured Dino, wouldn’t it? Gladly that’s also going to be possible, because as the developers announced, “When breeding you can definitely expect the colours to blend (..among other things!)”. To complement those, per-pixel-paintable signs will also arrive in the next weeks.

Offline Raiding Notifications

To top this off, there has been talk of offline raiding notifications. Many of us have already suffered from at least one attempt wreck havoc on our base while we’re soundly asleep, so this should be interesting news. Two avenues to base-security are being pursued. For one, there will soon be several different kinds of traps. Moreover, a primitive version of the Auto-Turret will also be available for lower levels. The other approach handles the cases when you’re offline. You’ll get a notification when your base is being raided, though the specificities of that system haven’t been announced yet.

Smaller Announcements:

  • An Elevator for Dinos is in the planning. No time has been announced yet.
  • Boats are being looked into.
  • Decorations
  • More dye colors by next week.
  • A dino gate for flyers.

(You can find the full feature here.)


We’re interested in your comments on this format. Should we continue the summaries? What would you like to change? More detail on the smaller changes? Less detail? More quotations or rather an indirect summary? Share your thoughts below.

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