ARK: Survival Evolved

Collectable Berries and Plants

One of the most used materials iname are berries and plants, which can be obtained by farming and gathering from bushes. This is a list of them and their primary usage.


Picture Name Stats Description Preferred
Narcoberry +4 Food
+7.5 Topor
Increases Topor, required to tame
Required to create narcotics
Dye: black
Amarberry +1.5 Food
+1 Water
Dye: yellow
Mejoberry +1.5 Food
+1 Water
Very good for taming Triceratops
Azulberry +1.5 Food
+1 Water
good for taming
Dye: blue
Tintoberry +1.5 Food
+1 Water
Dye: red
Stimberry +1 Food
-10 Water
-10.5 Topor
Dye: white
Decreases Topor
Savaroot Cooking incredient
Rockarrot Cooking incredient
Longrass Cooking incredient
Citronal Cooking incredient
Mushrooms Cooking incredient
Can be found in caves
Rare Flowers


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