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ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 225

Unversioned Hotfix: Clients enabled multi-threaded animations for CPU savings. Unversioned Hotfix: Fixed a way that server or singleplayer game loading could crash if someone had placed Structures on a Dino from a mod that was uninstalled. New Structure: Industrial Forge ARK: Turkey Trial (Limited Time Event) ~15% client-side CPU optimization! (Added New Option Menu checkbox […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 224.3

Fixed issue with Paraceratherium‘s legs colliding with his own platform structures Fixed issue with Parasaurus not being attacked by wild dinos (requires server update) “Tribe-Owned/Admin-Demolish” Governance Setting no longer allows Non-Admins to Replace Tribe Structures (as that is akin to Demolishing)

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 224.2

Fixes You can no longer place wall-structures on doors You can now place wall-items (torches etc) on pillars Fixed offset of Compy egg spawns Fixed lockup when reloading savegame while crafting recipes (we recommend servers update to 224.2!) Recipes: Fixed some ingredient scale values, and made all ingredients 5x as effective globally, and made Crafting […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 224.1

Fixed issue with Doedicurus always being defensively curled up. (Requires Server update) Unversioned Hotfixes: Fixed Compy attack damage in singleplayer. Fixed formating of some Server Logs (killed messages etc) Fixed Tribe Log Promotions/Demotions (requires server update.)

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 224

New Custom RP-oriented Recipe/Cooking System (including Skill-Based results) — finally, you can now create your own unique recipes for S### Burgers)! New Creature: Oviraptor! Gotta get those eggs sorry will come in Patch 225 ;( New Creature: Compsognathus! Time to form your own Compy gang 🙂 New Structures: Rocket Turret, Sea Mine, Wall Lamps! New […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 223.4

Unversioned Hotfix: Fixed another way the server could crash on data load if mod items were removed. Protected against a crash involving improperly setup zone spawns affecting some Mod maps such as ‘Shigo Islands’

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 223.2 & 223.3

223.2 Unversioned Client Hotfixes: Fixed particle fx not appearing on junction boxes after reloading save games in singleplayer. Fixed issue with spawn points not aligning to minimap on custom levels that had altered minimscap scales. Organic Polymer now spoils after 30 minutes, can only be stacked to 10, and clamped “overdamage” on the harvesting of […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 223.0 & 223.1

223.0 Unversioned Hotfix: Disabled LODBias console command for Skeletal Meshes. Is not supported and causes rendering problems. New New Creatures: Kairuku & Angler Fish! New Structures, Catapult, Minigun Turret Creature “Fur” pass Tiered Server Admin, Wildcard Admin, & Tribe Admin Nametag Icons PvE “Tribe Warfare” option (capability for Tribes to officially declare war on each […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 222.8 & 222.9

222.8 Changes A Giganotosaurus entering ‘Rage’ via damage also instantly enrages any nearby allied Giganotosaurus’ Sword and Shield Durabilities increased by 60% Fixes & Improvements Fixed bug that was making Giganotosaurus’ invincible during their ‘Rage’ mode Reduced 400MB of Texture Memory, woot Ended some remaining ‘Fear Evolved’ bits (Obelisk Colors, Bone Alpha Dinos — all […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 222.7

Changes – Steam ‘Big Picture’ now Defaults to FullscreenWindowed Mode – Steam Controller ‘Big Picture’ Text Input Entry Fixes – More Streaming Performance / Framerate Improvements – Fixed Lock-All PvE Tribute Terminals being Locked 😉 – Giganotosaurus Rage Mode will no longer target other Giganotosaurus’ on the same team – Fixed rare server-side crash associated […]

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