ARK: Survival Evolved

Patchnote ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 300.0


Initiation of Fear Evolved 3:

Can be manually activated with server console parameter: -activeevent=FearEvolved

– Increased rates to 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation)
– Increased rates to 2X Player XP
– Increased rates to 2X Harvesting
– Added Event-themed wild dino spawns
– Added randomly spawning gravestones and pumpkin patches
– Added candy corn themed supply drops
– Modified existing environment (trees) to be event themed
– Modified existing moon to be event themed (blood moon)

Added new items:
– Jack O’Lantern Mask (cosmetic)
– Hockey Mask (cosmetic)
– Headless Neck Stump (cosmetic)
– Halloween-inspired Dino Colorization Candy
– Event-themed underwear (tops and bottoms)

Added new emotes:
– Spooky Emotes
– Panic Emote
– Spooky Dance Emote
– Zombie Emote

Added prior event skins:
– DodoWyvern Mask Skin
– Clown Mask Skin
– Vampire Eyes Skin
– Werewolf Mask Skin
– Giganotosaurus Bone Costume
– Jerboa Bone Costume
– Quetzalcoatlus Bone Costume
– Wyvern Bone Costume
– DodoRex Mask Skin
– Carno Bone Costume
– Rex Bone Costume
– Raptor Bone Costume
– Bronto Bone Costume
– Trike Bone Costume
– Stego Bone Costume
– Witch Hat Skin
– Dino Witch Hat Skin

Added prior event creatures:
– DodoRex
– Zomdodo
– Dodo Wyvern

Added prior event creature variants:
– Skeletal Giganotosaurus
– Skeletal Quetzal
– Skeletal Jerboa
– Bone Fire Wyvern
– Zombie Fire Wyvern
– Zombie Lightning Wyvern
– Zombie Poison Wyvern
– Skeletal Bronto
– Skeletal Stego
– Skeletal Trike
– Skeletal Raptor
– Skeletal Rex
– Skeletal Carnotaurus

Added prior event items:
– Pumpkin
– Stolen Headstone
– Scarecrow

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