We need YOUR help!

We want to add some content for players which newly join the huge ARC-World!


What did you learn, what did you wish to know much earlier?

Do you have any secret tips to help you play?

We are looking forward to your comments!

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2 thoughts on “We need YOUR help!”

  1. At the beginning of the game I mostly learned how to craft basic things, spending Engram Points and to deal with dying, how to locate my Gear once I had died…I wish I had learned how to lower foundations much earlier (and I still wish there was an easier way to lower/raise foundations), I wish I had learned to place Cables before laying my foundations to create Hidden Cabling (Specifically in PvE for general beautification), I wish I had learned that Toilets and Industrial Cookers are painful to place sometimes (not so bad since the introduction of Flexi Pipes). I wish I had learned how Random Mutations actually worked (I still wish I knew how they worked…Colour Mutations being Randomly Generated can be a pain when trying to mutate for a specific colour…so many dead babies), I wish I had learned that I get Ragnarok for FREE

    Secrets to help me play…that’s a hard one, I generally run around until I have a Crossbow, Bolas and Narcotics, then tame a Pteranodon, I’ll then spend around 90% of my time flying everywhere…I barely ever walk anywhere unless on large Tames…I do love Thylacoleos though (literally one of the best travelling tames in the game in my opinion).

  2. Dont bother with making cloth and pteradons because theyre slow and run out of stamina quick. Too quick tbf.

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