Eggcellent Adventure – Easter Event!

During the Easter adventure, the survivors can collect special bunny eggs at the ARK of wild bunny dodos and bunny oviraptors. These Bunny eggs can be painted or used in special cooking pot recipes to make holiday items such as Bunny Ears, a rabbit costume for the Procoptodon, and two brand-new accessories: the knitted chicken hat and the eggshell hat for survivors and dinosaurs!

  • Wild creatures roaming the ARKs will now also feel comfortable in the bright colours green, magenta, yellow and blue.
  • Wild dodos are replaced by Bunny dodos – with ears, taming disabled, and dropping 50% edible dodo eggs and 50% Bunny eggs.
  • Wild Oviraptors are replaced by Bunny Oviraptors – with ears, taming disabled, and dropping 50% edible Oviraptor eggs and 50% Bunny eggs.
  • Bunny eggs can be laid on the floor and painted.
  • Bunny eggs expire after about two weeks from the inventory, and the laid eggs expire immediately if the event is deactivated.
  • Start your private server with ‘-ActiveEvent=Easter’ to enable the event.
  • If you run the same server without -ActiveEvent=Easter, all placed egg structures are deleted.
    Players can set Steam > ARK > Properties > General > Start Options and paste them into ActiveEvent=Easter to experience the event in single player, non-dedicated and player worlds. In these modes, you must activate the event yourself.
  • Event is not available in Primitive Plus.



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