ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 275.43 & 275.44


  • Updated localizations to include Aberration. Added new localization: Ukranian
  • Fixed Mac/Linux water flickering
  • Fixed Metal Cliff platform using Stone structure damage settings. Requires Server Update.
  • Fixed Cliff Platforms having 12h decay time — now is 12d for Stone and 16d for Metal. Requires Server Update.
  • Fixed Zipline crash. Requires Server Update.


  • Made Wild Plant Species Z only heal, not replenish vitals, and only if not recently damaged, not handcuffed, and not a baby dino. Requires Server Update.
  • Fixed climbing Rock Drake not being able to damage targets. Requires Server Update.
  • Fixed Cavewolf getting stuck when dismounting/remounting on zipline.

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