ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 261.0


  • New Dragon Trophy and Sloped Thatch Roof icons.


  • Decreased food consumption for baby Troodons.
  • Allowed Ankylo to attack with it’s tail while in a floating state.
  • Increased tentacles dropped from the Tuso from 1 to 8.
  • Increased chance for an alpha to spawn (in multiplayer only) by 2x.
  • Added Yutyrannus to Tek Cave.
  • Rebalanced all boss HP and damage to scale from 1x (Gamma) to 3x (Alpha) in singleplayer. This does not include The Center double boss arena, which has 35% less HP and damage than it’s individual Island counterparts.
  • Mantis and Scorpion now receive the Oviraptor egg laying buff.
  • Above-ground oil rocks harvest-health reduced by 50%, and underwater oil nodes harvest-health increased by 33%.
  • Decreased snow bushes resources to 20% the amount of resources (20% harvest-health), and increased snow trees by 200% resources (200% harvest-health).
  • Diplodocus is now considered a large herbivore, meaning medium sized carnivores will no longer attack it.
  • Non-Queen Bees no longer give XP.
  • Reduced Ichthyornis targeting range against players/tames by 35%.
  • Ichthyornis no longer attacks players or tames that are underwater, only fish.
  • Lowered rotation rate in Kaprosuchus attacks, which previously made it run and swim in circles while trying to attack.
  • Dung Beetle is no longer aggressive unless provoked.
  • Onyc now have a 10% chance per melee hit to apply megarabies to victim.
  • Underwater dino attacks properly rebound to primary-fire (LMB) where appropriate.
  • Underwater and cave crates now give two items instead of one.
  • Reduced Troodon damage by 33%.
  • Reduced Pegomastax health (200 base to 120 base).
  • Thatch Roof renamed to Thatch Ceiling.
  • Reduced Titanoboa‘s terrain scaling abilities, specifically reducing its ability to scale cave walls and end up on the ceiling.
  • Megapiranha size reduced by 20%.
  • Made torches equippable on all appropriate land dino saddles. Drag the torch onto the saddle to equip.
  • Tek Replicator can now only be crafted at the Obelisks in singleplayer.
  • Allowed spear attack and melee attacks without completely exiting running (just a quick temp stop), except for clubs & swords.
  • Can no longer use the spear to harvest trees.
  • Added durability to Miners Helmet and Flashlight.
  • Reduced max number of spider minions by 30% and make them 30% tougher.
  • Creatures in caves have been altered. Changes include more Arthropleura, Titanoboa and Leeches in the Swamp Cave, removed Scorpions. Removed bats, spiders, penguins, and piranhas in the Ice Cave. Added ‘Polar Bears’, Purlovias, and Sabertooth Salmon to the Ice Cave.
  • Food consumption on dinos raised from 0.1 to 0.25 per unit Health regenerated.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fix for singleplayer creature spawns becoming depleted over time as they did not come out of hibernation properly.
  • Fixed player/bed location not appearing at the correct location on the map.
  • Fix for boss tribute requirements, removing alpha items and reducing cost of apex items.
  • Fix for the black sky on The Center.
  • Fix for Disable Resource Harvesting setting not working.
  • Fix for Trike walking sound.
  • Fix for Rex eggs falling under the map (due to missing poop socket with new increased capsule size).
  • Fix for dino attacks not functioning correctly while underwater.
  • Fix for Ankylo not being able to use it’s new secondary attack reliably.
  • Fixed improper baby Wyvern food values.
  • Fixed animation issue with idle Rex.
  • Fixed volume of Craft All sound.
  • Fixed issue where deceased tames left death cache’s even with an empty inventory.
  • Added Tek Trough engram to the Manticore.
  • Fixed music in The Center Dragon boss fight.
  • Improved atmospheric fog when using -nomansky.
  • Fixed armor sorting to sort by item name, and then quality.
  • Fixed engrams sometimes not displaying proper while in folder view.
  • Fixed issue where structures would not demo properly.
  • Fixed lighting issue with The Center volcano.
  • Added visual indicator for tames and players when their inventory slots are maxed out.
  • Updated Direwolf jump animation.
  • Fixed an issue where dinos would not regenerate health while in stasis.
  • All hatchframes properly named when placed in the world (previously called Trapdoors).
  • Fixed alpha particle effect on underwater alphas to be visible in water.
  • Fixed an issue where disabling engrams on the host menu and re-enabling caused the engram to still be invisible.
  • Revisited move-around-blockade AI on dinos, meaning they should get stuck against terrain less often than previous.
  • Improved logic for tamed dinos getting stuck less in other tamed dinos (there are a lot of edge cases here, but should overall be better).
  • Removed “Distance: ” label from “Following” Floating HUD. Now displays for 30 seconds after changing, and while the extended HUD is open (press-and-hold H key).
  • Fixed Frozen Canteens from ‘spoiling’ into empty containers instead of regular Filled Canteens.
  • Fixed Kairuku spawns in singleplayer.
  • Consuming Rare Mushroom and Rare Flowers now gives their intended effects.
  • Fixed low LODs for dinos (specifically to fix Beaver and Ovis).
  • After using Transfer All the inventory searching automatically clears.
  • Unsort inventory now works correctly on remote inventories.
  • Griffins, female Ovis, and female Megaloceros now retain their color properly in singleplayer.

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One thought on “ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 261.0”

  1. these updates are all nice and all, but how about you fix the real problems with the game, like serious lag on ragnarok servers, the lack of being able to connect to these servers, and how about greifing, how about you make it so that people cant block the caves that all this good stuff is inside of that you keep adding, and pillars, god damn it, make it so that these idiots cannot affect my gameplay,

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