ARK: Survival Evolved Valentine´s Day Event

On Sunday this Event will be added to the servers:

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air! The Valentine’s Day event adds these additional features:

  • Dinos have a 10% chance to drop a Box of Chocolate when they mate. Box of Chocolates can be used for a Full-Heal or to advance 50% of a Taming Dino’s Bar
  • New Unlockable Facial & Head Hairstyles (via craftable Items), for Male & Female
  • New Unlockable “Heart” Emote
  • Servers can launch with “-vday” to get (extra): 2x Mateboost Range, 3x Mating Speed/Mating Recovery, 3x Baby/Egg Maturation Speed, 1/3rd Baby Food Consumption

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