ARK: Survival Evolved

Explorer Note: Rockwell Recipes

Earlier in the year we revealed one of the first of many Explorer Notes that exists on the ARK. The Explorer Note System will allow survivors to discover the stories of actual inhabitants that have lived on the isle, and learn what their fates are, over time. By studying their notes, going through their experiences, and revealing the secrets they have discovered, you will be able to get closer to the heart of the mysteries surrounding the ARK!


Content of the Note:

“It is on stormy nights like this that I wish I could speak to my colleagues back in London. John Parkinson and his Theatrum Botanicum would find himself humbled at the diversity of the flora I have on record; “The Rockwell Recipes” will be the next greatest work in botany.

Like the greats before me, my time is spent exploring the medicinal properties that the plants here have to offer. Insulated now from the hostility of the island by a colony of locals (who for the record, would another text entirely in anthropology) they have taken it upon themselves to clothe and protect me in exchange for my scientific knowledge; I will present it to His Majesty Charles I after I return and I am sure be published within the year.”




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