ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 228 & 228.1


  • ARK: Winter Wonderland Event begins!
  • Massively improved game loading speed, & streaming times (reduced hitches), by using “seek free” packages (Note: this has added approximately 10GB to the game installation size)
  • Rendering, & streaming, & CPU optimizations from console work
  • Capability for mods to overwrite or add-to the ARK Island maps, which enables much more dynamic map mods (stackable too!)

Unversioned Hotfix: Client-side fixed an issue with crops appearing ‘super tall’.

Unversioned Hotfix: Server-side fixed Electric Prod blueprint being dropped by Winter Wonderland presents. Is not intended to be released yet 😉


  • Fixed crash that servers could get with some mod uninstallations
  • Made server fail to start if LandscapeSublevel is missing (e.g. due to a failed content update), as that could cause all creatures to fall through the world.

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3 thoughts on “ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 228 & 228.1”

  1. I just want to say thank you, I am so thankful that this game is a thing, I have watched it since it was announced and I was really sad because I don’t have a gaming pc and then when I seen it was coming to Xbox I got really happy, and I bought it the day it was available in the early access, I’m already addicted, I can’t even imagine how good this game is going to be, because it’s really good now!

  2. Do you guys think you’ll be fixing the weird lag/warping that this update caused? It happens a lot on the cats/wolves now, and when you walk around on a platform on the top of a Quetz platform saddle(or structure on top). It’s bad, and I hope it gets fixed or this update doesn’t last long.

  3. Your game is ruining my life lol. Im so addicted to this game that I choose it over sleep. Gotten 18 hours in the last 5 days. Freaken love it! So much too do! Still alot of bugs though and cant wait to see where it goes! !

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