ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 226


  • New Armor Set: Ghillie Suit (Camo, Reduces Enemy Dino Visibility Range by 50% more, and Heat-Resistant)
  • New Creature: Oviraptor! Gotta get those eggs! (Needed more polishing time)
  • New Structure: Industrial Oven for holiday cooking en masse
  • New Strucure: Modern Bed
  • New Structure: Table Furniture (upon which you can place floor structures)


  • Industrial Forges can now craft up to 20 items of a type at once, however they can not be placed on Dino Platforms anymore.
  • Chief Hat & Turkey Mask now appear properly on Dinos
  • Doubled Rocket Damage Globally, and also against Dinos by an extra 100%
  • Exposed Custom Recipe Cooking Quality and Skill Scalars for Server Configuration. Increased Default Cooking Quality and Skill Scaling by a further 20% each.
    • WindowsServer\Game.ini
      (or LinuxServer)

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a protential case where players could be disconnected due to exploding Rocket Launcher projectiles
  • Garbage Collector improvement to reduce game stalls/hitches (GC no longer forces an async flush which would result in a stall if any streaming operation was occuring).
  • Mods are now only installed/extracted while at the main menu, to avoid lowering in-game performance

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