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How to get Babies in ARK – Eggs

With Patch 219 it is possible to breed Dinos to get little Babies – now you can get descendants from your best and most beautiful creatures 🙂 How this works we´ll discuss step by step and why you should do this can be found in another article (“Instructions for perfect breeding & basic informations on babies“). The tutorial for mammals can be found here.


Take 2 Creatures of the same species – male and female – together in a confined space (in a pen for example)

(Annotation: Check if the female is ready to breed, in case she had eggs before, because it could be that she has still some downtime. There are some Creatures which can´t mate right now – but only a few 😉 If you want to check the Mating-Status look at the HUD Message “Enable Wandering to Mate”)


Now you have to set them both to “Enable Wandering”. As soon as they are close enough beating hearts will appear over their heads, and the mating bar will appear on the female Dino’s HUD. Both Dino’s HUDs will also indicate who they’re mating with, specifically.


When the Mating bar is complete, she’ll drop a Fertilized egg. (perhaps more? I couldn´t encrypt it – please comment in case you have better informations :))

So now you have got your Fertilized egg… what is next?


The Fertilized Egg itself only incubates when dropped, not in Inventory. To incubate it must be kept at a certain temperature range depending on the species. If outside of this temperature range, it won’t make incubation progress, and it will lose “Fertilized Egg Health” over time and be destroyed if zero. This is all indicated on the HUD when looking at a fertilized Egg, and its description also tells you its Parents.


After being fully and successfully incubated, the baby dino will pop out of the egg.






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