ARK: Survival Evolved

Item Spotlight: Industrial Grill

ark industrie grill

While the cooking pot satisfies the most basic culinary needs, it’s inadequate for anything beyond that. Be it cooking for spoiled pets, or processing the results of a little walk outside with the sabretooth, chances are a single cooking pot won’t be sufficient to process everything in time. And handling many of them at once is far too cumbersome to be practical.

The new Industrial Multi-Grill is the solution to all these problems. It allows you to cook masses of meat efficiently. Instead of cooking one item after another, they’re handled in bulk (12 items at a time). Also it simply looks great, and hence makes for an excellent addition to the outdoor part of any base.

Its impressive size comes at a price however. Unlike its more primitive variant, the Industrial Grill runs only on Gasoline. The usage is exactly like that of the normal cooking pot, but keep in mind that you’ll have to build a foundation below the Industrial Grill.

Recipe (to be used in the Refining Forge)

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