Harpoon Gun, Composite Bow and more to come soon

composite_bowAs announced by developer “Drake” on Steam today, there’ll soon be a composite bow and a harpoon gun in the game. In real life a composite bow takes advantage of the many different types of wood available. Those are combined into a single bow which is smaller, lighter and more powerful than the other varieties currently available in the game. That will undoubtedly make it the most expensive bow, at least for the time being. There have already been rumours of a compound bow (two similar names but different meanings), which will in all likelyhood end up being the non-plus-ultra in terms of archery. All together this would allow for a very natural progression through historic bow-construction.

Moving from low-tech to high-tech, the harpoon gun is quite another kind of weapon.  There are multiple conceivable variants here, from a bow-like construction to a pressurized mechanism, so it’ll be quite interesting what the developers would opt for. On the one hand a low-tech version could be very interesting in that it’s comparably simple construction would allow for cheap manufacture at medium levels. On the other hand, a high-tech-harpoon would be a welcome toy for the people who’re at the highest attainable levels at the moment.

The involvement of eggs in taming affinity could potentially be very interesting too, however, at the moment there isn’t much information on the specificities of that process.

[Question by a user] So with 3 kinds of water critters now and more planned will you be fixing up the green obelisk to upload the water dinos, or maybe adding an underwater one somewhere?

[Answer by Drake] Yes, expect that in the next major map revision that will also be adding the Swamp Biome and various swamp creatures 🙂

In a comment in the same thread Drake also announced the upcoming swamp biome. It, as well as the corresponding dinosaurs will apparently arrive in the near future. That would mean the Dimetrodon would be released, among other things. For those who haven’t gotten their dossier collection handy, it’s the huge air-conditioning dino with a sail!

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